Engineering their sweet success

You would have heard the saying, “you are what you eat”.  Having a healthy diet as well as sufficient exercise no doubt promotes good health, especially for diabetic patients who need to regulate their blood-sugar levels.

So applying what they have learnt in their Diploma course, a group of students from the Diploma in Computer Engineering designed a game, called “Dance Away”, specifically for diabetic patients.  

Using Augmented Reality, the game requires players to use their hands to “catch” food items that are dropped down the screen.  They score points by catching healthy food items, and lose “lives” by catching unhealthy ones.  This subconsciously reinforces the perception of healthy foods in their minds.  And of course, they work up a healthy sweat enjoying the game in the process!

The project won the Silver award in the HackOMania competition, themed “Gamification”, held on 23 & 24 Feb 2019.  The competition required contestants to develop a game within 24 hours to address one of 3 given challenges: (i) using crowdsourcing to collect and transcribe Singlish speech, (ii) educating diabetic patients in order to improve the effectiveness and cost of treatment, or (iii) facilitating job referrals on Wanted’s job search site. 

Organised by the GeeksHacking Community, the competition aimed to bring together tech enthusiasts, students and working professionals to tackle real world issues using technology.

For more information about the Diploma in Computer Engineering, click here.