From TP… happily ever after

It was a bright sunny afternoon as Daryl Lim and Peh Xue Yin strolled into the School of Engineering.  Walking along the school concourse, hand-in-hand, they looked around the place, so familiar and yet so new to them.  New facilities, new signages and new displays seem to have appeared, but yet the sun was shining as brightly through the glass panels as how they remember it had 8 years ago.  It was the same place where they had spent 3 years of their lives as students.

“We feel younger and livelier now when we walk down the Engineering School concourse!” exclaims Daryl.  The couple, who graduated with a Diploma in Mechatronics in 2011, have no doubt ignited each other with a new zest for life.  Meeting each other when they were in their second year of study was probably the greatest thing that happened to them as students in TP.

“I vividly remember how we met when we were in Year 2,” recalls Daryl.  “I was seated in the last row in the lecture theatre when Xue Yin strolled past me as she headed to the front of the LT, and I caught her from the corner of my eye.  I will never forget her beaming smile at that moment,” he continues.

They got to know each other and their friendship soon blossomed into romance.  Each school day became an opportunity for them to meet, and they would study together after school.  Most mornings before class, they would meet at the study bench on level 1, and she would give him an oven-toasted bread with a slice of ham and melted cheese on it – hand-made, with her heart, no less.

“When you are in love, time passes very quickly,” assesses Daryl.  Agreeing, Xue Yin adds: “Those were really memorable days in TP, and I’m grateful to have met Daryl”.

Daryl went on to obtain a Bachelor of Engineering (Engineering Product Development) degree from SUTD and now works as a Research Engineer at SIMTech, while Xue Yin, an Accounts Manager at an engineering firm, has a Bachelor of Commerce (Banking & Finance) degree from Murdoch University.

After dating for 9 years, and having accomplished the major milestones in their lives, Daryl decided to get on his knees and pop the question, “Will You Marry Me?”

They held their wedding in December 2018.

And they live happily ever after.

Tender moments: as students in TP (left) and on their wedding day (right)