Game for a good workout?

The award-winning team testing out their body-exercise system

For sure, you won’t find such a device in the gym.  But this invention for wheelchair-bound patients promises to give users a pretty good physical workout, not to mention hours of fun too!

Invented by students from the Diploma in Computer Engineering, the system, called the “Upper Body Exercise for Wheelchair Users”, comprises two games integrated with a sensor-laden wheelchair. 

In the first game, patients are required to virtually catch objects falling down the computer screen by raising and stretching their arms, in order to score points, thereby getting a good upper-body workout.

In the second game, they control the game by shifting their weight on the seat and by lifting and tapping their feet on a sensor-equipped foot-mat.  This helps to promote blood circulation, thereby preventing the onset of pressure sores on their buttocks and soles of the feet.

The invention won a Merit award in the annual IES Community Innovation Challenge held on 4 May 2019. 

Organised by the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES), the competition aimed to raise the community awareness of tertiary students by encouraging them to come up with innovative devices that make life easier and safer for the elderly and handicapped.

For more information about the Diploma in Computer Engineering, click here.