Injecting fun into nurse training

Pooling their best knowledge and skill-sets, an inter-disciplinary team of Engineering students developed a computer game that helps to train nurses in a fresh and interactive way. Their effort won them the Silver award in the SIMS Games Challenge 2019 and an $800 cash prize.

The game which they developed, called “IV Continuous”, is specially designed for Registered Nurses (RNs) who have completed the Nursing Orientation Programme (NOP) and have at least 3 months of work experience in the clinical area. It helps to train nurses in identifying the correct medication, selecting the appropriate dosage and mode of administering it, and observing the various precautions when administering it intravenously. Their game has been listed on the appFORO Marketplace.

The students, who are from the Diploma in Biomedical Engineering and the Diploma in Computer Engineering, had come together as part of their Higher Engineering Skills 2 (IoT) special elective. The game was developed in close consultation with professional nurses at Changi General Hospital, to ensure a high level of relevance, as well as accuracy and effectiveness.

Jointly organised by Serious Games Association and the Duke-NUS Institute of Medical Simulation (SIMS), the competition aimed to encourage participants to explore innovative applications of new technologies such as Virtual Reality and machine learning for the healthcare industry.

Computer Engineering students in TP are given a multi-disciplinary, broad-based training in Electronics (hardware), Computer Science (software), and an integration of both hardware and software in a unique blend that makes them highly employable across many industry sectors.

Biomedical Engineering students in TP receive multi-disciplinary training in the Life Sciences, Engineering, and IT, with a unique focus on medical and clinical equipment.

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