One Belt, One Road, One Bronze

Applying the business skills they have acquired from their diploma course, students from the Diploma in Business Process & Systems Engineering (BZE) clinched a Bronze award in the inaugural First International University Innovation competition held on 4 Jul 2017, in Beijing, China. 

In line with the competition theme of "One Belt, One Road", China's economic development strategy which focuses on connectivity and co-operation between countries along the historical Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century, contestants were given 5 hours to conceptualise and propose an innovation which would help to promote integration and connectivity among countries in the region. Participants from 3 different countries were grouped together to form an international team.

Together with their counterparts from China and Hong Kong, two BZE team members proposed the use of a mobile messaging app, called "Connectivity", which would be able to transcend cultural barriers and provide a common platform for people from various countries to communicate and stay in touch even after they have returned to their respective home countries. "Connectivity" would therefore replace the different mobile messaging apps (such as WeChat, Whatsapp, or Viber) which citizens of a particular country tend to predominantly use.

A second BZE team earned an Excellence award for their effort.  

The BZE team members were the only polytechnic students and the only team from Singapore taking part in the competition.