Opening the door to an inclusive society

The award-winning team that developed the Door Opener, at the prize presentation ceremony

A remote application that allows users to open and close a door at the push of a button, promises to make life easier for wheelchair-bound patients.

The automated system, called the “Door Opener”, comprises a pair of gears which turns the lever of the door latch to unlock it, while another motor attached to the base of the door then moves the door, opening or closing it.

The device, which was invented by two Engineering students (from the Diploma in Mechatronics and Diploma in Computer Engineering), along with team members from other educational institutions, clinched the Silver award in the inaugural Singapore Makeathon competition held from 14 – 16 Jun 2019.

The 72-hour competition saw about 80 “makers” (comprising engineers and innovators) from various institutions team up with “need-knowers” (social workers and support staff) to conceptualise, develop, test, and deliver within 3 days, working solutions that improve the life of those with disabilities.

The competition was organised by Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM), a global movement that aims to harness technology to create and disseminate affordable solutions to help people with disabilities, the elderly and the poor worldwide.

The door unlocking mechanism (left) and the motorised door opener (with wheels)