Phone designed by Engineering students wins Gold

Check out the features of this specially designed mobile phone: Voice feedback which tells the user what button is pressed each time, a Braille keypad that glows in the dark, a panic siren, and an SOS distress signal transmitter.  It is also able to toggle between a satellite communication network and the local GSM network, so as to maximise connectivity.  No camera, no LCD panel, and no high resolution graphics – sorry, gamers.

Probably not your idea of the latest high-tech mobile phone.  But this phone, which is designed to be used in total darkness, is meant to help rescuers in difficult relief and emergency recovery operations.  Called the “SOS Phone”, its key feature is the ability to tap on the Zephyr satellite (developed by Airbus) as an alternative to the local 4G network.

It was designed by 3 students from the Diploma in Aerospace Electronics as part of the Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief Challenge – a competition jointly organised by Airbus and the Singapore Space and Technology Association.  For their ingenuity, the students won the Gold award and a fully sponsored study trip to the Airbus facility in France.

The competition, held on 30 Jan 2019, aimed to identify new solutions to the complex problems of coordination in the area of humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations, while raising public awareness of space applications.  Participants were required to conceptualise solutions using satellite and mobile technology that could be applied in rescue efforts.

For more information about the Diploma in Aerospace Electronics, click here.