Radiation-reading device wins Bronze

A handy device that is able to detect, read and record the level of radiation at a particular location won the Bronze award at the annual Engineering Innovation Challenge jointly organised by the Singapore Science Centre and Institution of Engineers Singapore on 20 Jul 2019.

Invented by a team of 3 students from the Diploma in Electronics, the “Smart Radiation Detection System” is able to detect X-ray and Gamma rays, and transmit the readings via Bluetooth to a mobile phone or tablet. The device can be programmed to take and transmit the readings every 5 seconds or every 15 seconds (with the latter providing more accuracy). The mobile phone or tablet will then automatically upload the data to a cloud server via the Internet.

In actual application, the system can be used at the site of a nuclear accident, or where a radiation leak is suspected. Multiple devices are used to check the radiation levels at different spots around the affected area, and an analysis of the different readings can be done remotely and safely via the Internet, helping the authorities to strategise recovery operations.

The “Smart Radiation Detection System” is but one of the many interesting projects done by students from the Diploma in Electronics, who are provided with broad-based training in electronics applications including popular emerging technologies related to aerospace, smart nation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and biomedical engineering.

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