Riding their way to a greener environment

The next time you hop onto a shared bicycle, you could be helping to save planet earth!    

A unique invention by students from the Diploma in Clean Energy leverages on the wide network of shared bicycles and their large number of riders in Singapore, to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the urban atmosphere.

The project, entitled the "Air Purifying Bike System", involves the use of energy generated by a dynamo on a bicycle to power a mobile direct air capture (mDAC) system which uses a carbon filter to remove CO2 from the air as the bike moves.  When the bike is not in motion, the stored energy in the bike’s power bank will operate an air intake fan which allows the mDAC to continue the C02 removal process. 

The shared bicycles’ parking racks are also fitted with stationary direct air capture (sDAC) units, powered by solar cells, to continually remove C02 from the atmosphere in the day time.  In addition, power BIO-LED (blue and red LED lamps) installed at the racks also light up from 7pm to 12 midnight to allow the surrounding green plants to continue their process of photosynthesis, thereby taking in CO2 and giving off oxygen in the process.

The students’ invention won them a Commendation award in the Young Sustainability Innovators’ Challenge, organised by the University of Newcastle, held on 1 Dec 2018.

For more information about the Diploma in Clean Energy at TP, please click here.