Think smart, think fast!

Come up with smart solutions that make use of technology in a building so as to enhance comfort, convenience and the quality of life for occupants while being environmentally sustainable at the same time.  That was the challenge thrown to contestants in the 24-hour Challenge – a competition in which contestants conceptualise and present their ideas on using smart technology to enhance a facility while keeping in mind environmental sustainability. 

Working on their idea through the night, the IFM team proposed the use of smart lighting that is able to detect the presence of occupants in a space, smart parking which notifies motorists of where the empty parking lots are via a mobile app, as well as a rain harvesting system to collect, store and channel water for various uses, among others. 

Their concept earned them a Bronze award among 8 participating teams in the competition, which was held on 5 & 6 Oct 2017. 

In the IFM diploma at Temasek Polytechnic, students are trained to conceptualise, design and manage modern facilities which may include many high-tech smart features.  Find out more about the IFM diploma, here.