School of Engineering - 23 Mar 2013

IES Design Award 2013

The IES Design Award, sponsored by the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES), aims to raise the community awareness of polytechnic students by encouraging them to design gadgets that make life better for the elderly or handicapped. The following prizes are awarded: Gold ($1,200), Silver ($800), Bronze ($400), Merit ($200)

A simple structure, called the "H Frame" which helps the elderly and infirm to walk safely has clinched the Gold award in the annual IES Design Award competition. It was invented by 2 students from the Diploma in Business Process & Systems Engineering.

Another project, the "WeCare Smart Application" by Computer Engineering students won the Silver award, while the "Gap Crossing Wheelchair" by Mechatronics students took the Merit award.


H-Frame -- Gold Award

Student Diploma Former Sec School
Cecelia Tay Sin Yee Business Process & Systems Engineering Springfield Sec
Rebecca Lim Li Xuan Ngee Ann Sec
Vera Zheng Huiyun Greendale Sec

Supervisor: Mr Hong Geok Hua

This simple structure, called the "H Frame", provides better support than a conventional walking stick, while not being as cumbersome as a walking frame.
When not in use, it can be collapsed into a single walking stick that can be easily carried around.

Mr Paul Agpas, Physiotherapy Associate at St Luke's Hospital where the device was successfully tested, said: "The H Frame Is compact, convenient and provides adequate support for patients with mid range walking difficulties."

"WeCare Smart App" -- Silver Award

Student Diploma Former Sec School
Samuel Kew Zhi En Computer Engineering Junyuan Sec
Mohit Pundir Bendemeer Sec
Amit Chong Bang Bartley Sec
Ang Yew Chien Serangoon Sec

Supervisor: Mdm Calaiselvy

This is an Android App packed with features to help the elderly to lead a more independent lifestyle while enhancing their social life. Features include an auto location indicator to inform their caregiver of where they are, a function which allows them to shake the phone in an emergency to call for help, and a panel allowing them to control appliances in the home, among others.




Gap Crossing Wheelchair -- Merit Award

Student Diploma Former Sec School
Goh Chor Hiang Mechatronics Junyuan Sec
Foo ShiJie ITE College (East)
Christopher Brang Seng ITE College (East)
Alvin Mok Yuan Zhang ITE College (Central)

Supervisor: Ms Christina Ng

Conventional wheelchairs are not able to cross gaps on the road such as drains. This modified wheelchair has 2 built-in extendable arms with wheels, which can be activated when the wheelchair user is confronted by a drain. After the extended arms roll across the gap, the weight of the wheelchair is then transferred to the wheels at the tip of the arm, thereby allowing the wheelchair to glide over the drain. A gap of up to 1 foot can be negotiated easily in this way.


The competition was held on 23 March 2013.

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