Successful Alumni

A diploma from the School of Engineering, Temasek Polytechnic (TP), opens the door to many exciting and lucrative career choices, as well as flexible further studies options for you. 

Many of our successful graduates have made their mark in various fields.

Despite being diagnosed with mild dyslexia and attention deficit disorder, Clarisse persevered in the Normal Academic stream and earned a place in the Diploma in Clean Energy at TP via the Poly Foundation Programme, a through-train admission for ‘N’ level holders.

With the guidance of her dedicated lecturers, Clarisse graduated with Merit and won a scholarship to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree from a University of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Germany, under the “Poly-goes-UAS” scheme administered by the Economic Development Board.

Clarisse Lee Xue Le

Diploma in Clean Energy (2017)
Former Sec School: St Anthony’s Canossian


Darren Loo Jian Han

Diploma in Electronics (2016)
Former Sec School: Yuying Sec

Darren had struggled through his ‘N’ levels and his NITEC course at ITE. Motivated by his girlfriend (a TP student) and his parents, Darren decided to start working hard. He made it into Higher NITEC, and subsequently did well enough to be admitted directly into the second year of the Diploma in Electronics course at TP.

He graduated from TP with Merit, won the prestigious Tay Eng Soon gold medal, and went on to pursue an Electrical Engineering degree course at NUS.


Estella had joined the Mechatronics & Aerospace Programme and then streamed into the Diploma in Aerospace Engineering in her second semester. “Aerospace is my passion, but I wanted the flexibility to think about it in my first semester, hence I opted for this programme,” she explained.

Estella graduated with a Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (Merit) with a CGPA of 3.96, winning the All Round Excellence award and the course bronze medal. She went on to pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering at NTU.

Estella Koh Siew Lee

Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (2015)
Former Sec School: Compassvale Sec


Ting Jia Yan

Diploma in Aviation Management & Services (2014)
Former Sec School: Junyuan Sec

After getting her diploma, Jia Yan secured a position as an Air Traffic Control Officer with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. After a year of rigorous training there, she became a full-fledged Air Traffic Controller.

Working from her operations centre high up in the airport tower, she oversees the navigation and flight safety of incoming and outgoing aircraft, helping to ensure that Changi Airport continues to maintain its position as the best airport in the world.


After graduating from TP, Rebecca joined Keystone Cable Pte Ltd as a Marketing Executive under the SMA Talent Programme, putting on hold her further studies plans so that she could gain priceless industry experience.

After 2 fruitful years with the company, she then enrolled for a Bachelor of Computing (Information Systems) degree programme at NUS. “Working in the industry before furthering my studies allowed me to identify and fill my knowledge gaps, putting me in an even stronger position to pursue my degree,” she explained.

Rebecca Tan Li Kiat

Diploma in Business Process & Systems Engineering (2014)
Former Sec School: Anglican High School


Luke Lim Xing Hui

Diploma in Computer Engineering (2011)
Former Sec School: San Yu Adventist School

Applying the skills he had acquired from his diploma course, Luke invented the “Shatter Alert” – a transparent sticker-sensor that can be pasted onto glass doors or window screens to detect cracks in the surface, or attached to concrete surfaces to serve as an alert system to warn the authorities about cracks in buildings and bridges.

Luke is now a successful entrepreneur and Managing Director of Glass Security Pte Ltd, a company he set up in 2015 to sell his patented invention.


After getting his diploma, Huan Wei worked as a Duty Engineer in the Preventive Maintenance Department at Shangri-La Hotel (Singapore). While there, he pursued a part time Bachelor of Science degree in Facility Management from Herriot Watt University, offered via local university partner, Trend Global.

With his degree, Huan Wei moved on to become Chief Engineer for the Sofitel Hotel group. Subsequently, he joined the Roxy Pacific group as Project Manager of the Roxy Resort in the Maldives where he is now based, overseeing its design, renovation and branding.

Lim Huan Wei

Diploma in Integrated Facility Management (2009)
Former School: ITE College (West)


Denis Tan Chong Ghee

Diploma in Mechatronics (2000)
Former Sec School: Hua Yi Sec

After graduating with a Diploma in Mechatronics in 2000, Denis worked as a Sales Engineer at Rockwell Automation Pte Ltd, while pursuing a part time degree in Mechatronics from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

With his vast experience in automation, Denis was then head-hunted by Pilz GmbH & Co, a German company providing professional services for machinery safety. As Managing Director of Pilz South East Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Denis managed the company’s operations in the region.

In 2019, Denis moved on to become General Manager of OnRobot (Singapore) Pte Ltd, continuing to apply his robotics expertise in driving the company’s operations.