School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) is the newest School to be established at TP, adding a new dimension to the wide spectrum of courses offered.  HSS adopts a multidisciplinary approach and aims to offer courses in humanities and social sciences with a focus on people-oriented specialisations. The school promotes a broad-based and holistic curriculum that will prepare students to meet the needs and face the challenges of a rapidly-changing world.  

HSS graduates will acquire market-relevant knowledge and develop practical and adaptable skills through a curriculum that comprises diploma core and elective subjects.  In addition, the Polytechnic-wide core modules on character education and lifelong skills help lay the foundation for the graduates’ personal and interpersonal effectiveness.  It is the ultimate aim of HSS to help each graduate make a difference in their chosen career.

The School has a team of dedicated academic staff from a broad industry background.  Their extensive industry knowledge and experience, coupled with many years of curriculum development and teaching experience, help to ensure the quality of the programmes on offer.

Director's Message

The School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) was established in October 2007 when the former Interdisciplinary & General Studies Department was converted into a full-fledged academic school. Our diploma courses attract school leavers who enjoy working with people and who wish to have a deeper insight into specific areas of humanities and social sciences. We aim to prepare our students for various industries such as early childhood, silver market, human resource, social services, etc. We aim to meet the needs of employers who want to hire graduates with good reasoning and creative thinking skills, and who have the ability to connect well with people. We are also glad to share that many of our graduates are accepted into local and overseas renowned universities.


Currently the school offers three full-time diploma courses:

Our school also provides professional development for adult learners through part-time courses:

  • Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education – Teaching (DECCE-T)
  • Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Leadership (ADECL)
  • Basics of Research Methods – A Hands On Approach
  • Statistical Analysis – A Hands On Approach

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So whether you are a student looking for further education in humanities and social sciences, or an organisation exploring opportunities for collaboration, we hope you will find what you are looking for from our website. Do contact us if you would like to find out more.


Ben Lim
School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Our History

School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS), the newest academic school in Temasek Polytechnic, has its beginnings in the Interdisciplinary & General Studies Department (IGS).

IGS was established in 2001 as an academic department with a mission to create and deliver learning experiences for students to explore beyond their chosen disciplines and prepare them for an interdisciplinary world. Through its broad spectrum of Cross-Disciplinary Subjects (CDS) in the arts, humanities and social sciences, IGS successfully established itself as the key provider of CDS in the polytechnic.

In October 2007, IGS became a full-fledged academic school in the humanities and social sciences - School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS).

School Advisory Committee

Information as at 14 January 2020.


Ms Ngiam Siew Ying
Deputy Secretary (Policy)
Ministry of Health

Deputy Chairman

Mr Ben Lim
School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Temasek Polytechnic


Mr Victor Bay
Chief Executive Officer
PAP Community Foundation 

  Associate Professor Angelique Chan
Executive Director
Centre for Ageing Research and Education
Duke-NUS Medical School

Dr Jacqueline Chung
Senior Principal & Academic Director
St. James’ Church Kindergarten


Dr Majeed Khader
Director, Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre
Chief Psychologist & Senior Consultant Psychologist
Ministry of Home Affairs
Senior Fellow Adjunct Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University


Mrs Helen Lim-Yang
Senior Vice President
Head of Learning Academy
Frasers Property Limited


Associate Professor Kenneth Poon
Centre Co-Director, Centre for Research in Child Development
Associate Dean, Education Research, Office of Education Research
Associate Professor, Psychology and Child & Human Development (PCHD)
National Institute of Education


Mr Peter Tan
Director and Senior Principal Organisational Psychologist
Community Psychology Hub


Mr Wong Meng Meng, Senior Counsel
WongPartnership LLP


Mr Vincent Bong
Deputy Director
School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Temasek Polytechnic

Centres of Excellence

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General Studies Overview

HSS provides TP students with subjects that expose them to disciplines and skill sets outside of their respective diploma courses. Our Cross-Disciplinary Subjects (CDS) provide students across TP with a range of experiences in the arts, communications, social sciences and the humanities, to enrich their personal learning journeys. Apart from gaining valuable knowledge and soft skills in areas outside of their diplomas, students can also pursue their personal interests via our CDSes.

Today, the list of HSS CDSes includes: 

Subject Code


Subject Leader for Oct 2017 sem

Contact Details


Music: Expressions & Applications

Ms Khor Lay Li 

6780 6456


Understanding Art

Ms Hernieyati Bte Mamat

 6780 5262


Critical Reasoning Skills

Ms Laurinda Wee

 6780 4053

Cross-Cultural Psychology

Ms Tan Eng Bee Debbie

 6780 5009

Introduction to Counselling Psychology

Ms Tessa Goh Li Li

 6780 5932

Cinema: Reflections & Interpretations

Ms Chan Jiexin Melissa

 6780 4064

Places & Spaces - A Singapore context

Ms Sanae Shigeta 

 6780 6481

Introduction to Workplace Psychology 

Mr Arthur Foo

 6780 4426 
GEN1801 Building Age-Friendly Communities

Ms Shereen Pong Sze Wan


 6780 6793


Creative Writing

Ms Hernieyati Bte Mamat

 6780 5262


Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Ms Laurinda Wee

 6780 4053


Introduction to English Phonetics

Ms Chao Jang Yuan

 6780 5260


Introduction to Psychology

Mr Teo Khim Ho

 6780 6455


Introduction to Sociology

Ms Nurulhuda Binte Adanan 

 6780 4408

 Additionally, some CDSes are offered by other centres through HSS:

Subject Code


Offered by


Understanding Theatre

Student Development  & Alumni Affairs Department 


Entrepreneurship & Business Startup

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Department


Innovation Principles & Practice             

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Department


Basics of e-Entrepreneurship

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Department


Social Entrepreneurship            

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Department

What Students Say

HSS CDS Tutors

Suzuki Yayoi
Manager, General Studies

Yayoi has a Bachelor of Arts in Language and Area Studies from Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Japan. Yayoi previously worked at Munakata City Hall in Japan before she completed her Japanese Language teacher development course and passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test authorised by the Japanese Ministry of Education. Yayoi taught adult and children learners of elementary to pre-advanced level at a Japanese language school in Singapore. Yayoi has a keen interest in curriculum development and the holistic development of students. She has published a Japanese textbook with her colleagues. Currently, she is also teaching “Introduction to Language and Culture (Japanese)”.

Tel: 6780 6151

Frankie Toh
Section Head

Frankie graduated from the National University of Singapore with degrees in Bachelor of Music (Honours) in Oboe Performance and Bachelor of Arts (Merit) majoring in English Language and English Literature. He has performed with the major orchestras and wind ensembles in Singapore, and his musical endeavours have taken him to countries like the Netherlands, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. Besides performing, he was also active in teaching young musicians from secondary schools all over Singapore. Frankie currently teaches the Cross-Disciplinary Subjects ‘Introduction to English Phonetics’ and ‘Music: Expressions & Applications’ in Temasek Polytechnic and continues to make music whenever he could.

Tel: 6780 5238

Tan Keng Ann Jeffrey
Section Head

Jeffrey is a bit of a peripatetic worker—he has taken up a number of different positions in different industries for quite a bit of his career—so it was really a relief to finally find his true calling here in TP. He truly enjoys interacting with people and takes pride in not passing judgment on others too quickly. That does not mean he will not make any sort of judgments by the way. It simply means he needs a lot of evidence before coming to any sort of conclusion. And even then, he is open to the idea that he is wrong. You could say he is a true “confused-cian”

Tel: 6780 5699

Chan Jiexin Melissa

Melissa graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English Literature followed by a Master of Arts in Literary Studies. During her years in NUS, she developed a passion for film studies, leading her to focus her Honour’s thesis on the Batman film franchise and media conglomeration. She subsequently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Education with NIE and become a teacher in a junior college. During her time with MOE, she also had the opportunity to take on a HQ stint, working on and learning more about curriculum policy and implementation. Outside of work, she enjoys deconstructing films and (Korean) dramas, as well as being the occasional wedding singer.

Tel: 6780 4064

Chao Jang Yuan 

Jang Yuan has a degree in English Language from The University of Melbourne, Australia; and a Diploma in Education from the NIE, NTU. She is currently in the midst of completing her Master in Education sponsored by Temasek Polytechnic (TP), with The University of Sheffield, UK.  Prior to joining TP, Jang Yuan was a teacher with MOE for six years. Driven by the love for the arts, she later joined the National Arts Council (NAC) in the Arts Education division as an Arts Education Manager, taking charge of over 1000 local artists and multi-media art practitioners in Singapore. She was a back-up singer, alongside other local musicians, Clement Chow and Martin Tang, for an American Gospel artiste, Ron Kenoly, during his tour to Asiain Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her favourite quote: "Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also." (Carl Jung)

Tel: 6780 5260


Hernieyati Bte Mamat
Senior Lecturer

Hernie has a Masters degree in Arts Education (NTU) and a Bachelor’s degree in English Language & Literature (NUS). During her time in TP, she has been instrumental in leading various subjects such as Understanding Art, Creative Writing and Psychology of Creativity. Most recently she initiated and developed together with a teaching team the curriculum for Places & Spaces – A Singapore Context. In all, she has an extensive career in education. Her personal interests include art history, culinary arts, design and animal welfare.

Tel: 6780 5262

Khor Lay Li
Senior Lecturer

Khor Lay Li has a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from the University of Essex. She also has a Master of Education Technology from University of Southern Queensland and a Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education, Singapore. Outside of work, she is a keyboardist with a local big band. She teaches Academic Writing, Introduction to English Phonetics and Music: Expressions & Applications.

Tel: 6780 6456

Laurinda Wee

Laurinda has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from National University of Singapore majoring in English Language and Sociology. Her areas of interest include reading up on topics like Communications, Critical Thinking and Social Psychology. Previously, she worked as a trainer delivering digital music programmes to Primary School students, oral communication programmes for Secondary School students, self-employed as a private tutor and briefly had a stint as an entrepreneur providing educational programmes to schools. Whenever there is free time, she likes to indulge in slow sports like yoga, cycling and swimming. Her other passion is playing badminton which interestingly, employs the use of critical thinking and social psychology.

Tel: 6780 4053

Lynette Wan Wai Lin

Lynette has a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Communications from Griffith University, Australia. Her areas of specialisation include creative writing, publishing, journalism, and multimedia production. Upon graduation, Lynette worked briefly as a radio news presenter and lecturer at a local college in Australia. On her return, she joined the publishing industry as Editor and Co-editions Manager. Lynette has also lectured part-time with the University of Oklahoma Mass Communication degree programme conducted in Singapore through MDIS. Her fieldwork included lecturing, video production, design, editorial, and business management. Passionate about writing and drawing, Lynette has published a number of guide books, assessment books, picture books, and adult fiction. Her personal philosophy: There is no expiry date to one’s imagination.

Tel: 6780 4054

Sanae Shigeta

Sanae has a Master of Education and B.A in Communication. Upon graduation, Sanae worked as a language teacher in a foreign language institution in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her area of specialisation includes foreign language teaching and learning as she is an experienced Japanese language teacher. Sanae has a certificate of Ikebana Ikenobo (Japanese flower arrangement) and Chado Urasenke (Japanese tea ceremony). She taught ‘culture’ subjects and organised a Japan study trip for students to understand Japanese culture as her interest lies on cultural diversity. She also likes to watch a wide variety of films including art films. She is interested in photography, traveling world heritages, film criticism and art appreciation.

Tel: 6780 6481

Teo Khim Ho
Senior Lecturer

Khim Ho has a Master of Business Administration from University of South Australia and Bachelor Degree of Science from National University of Singapore. Upon graduation, he worked with Multi-National Corporations in food and medical disposables industries. During his tenure with the MNCs, he conducted training programmes for organizations, and prior to joining Temasek Polytechnic, he worked with private institutions in the delivery of diploma/degree programmes including business management, and organisational behaviour.

Tel: 6780 6455