A Passion for the Older Generation

Syireen Bamadhaj (third from right) receiving her award from President Halimah Yacob at the AN@S’ annual Scholastic Achievement Awards presentation ceremony. Her parents are to her left.

Year 2 Diploma in Social Sciences in Gerontology (GEM) student, Syireen Bamadhaj, did her parents proud when she received the Scholastic Achievement Award from the Arab Network @ Singapore (AN@S) in April 2019. The recognition was due to her good academic results in secondary school. AN@S recognises any Arab individual for their good achievements. Syireen was very grateful for the recognition and it was an especially memorable moment for her to be handed the award by President Halimah Yacob.

Syireen has a passion for the older generation and she credits her mother in helping her to develop that passion. Her mother introduced GEM to Syireen while she was in Secondary 3. Her mother (correctly!) believed that she would be a good fit for the course. Furthermore, being in the health industry, she often shares with Syireen her first-hand experiences with the older adults. It was from there that Syireen knew this was to be her path in life. She finds the older generation particularly intriguing. Syireen volunteers as a befriender and the more bonds she forges, the more she understands older adults, their motivations and behavioural patterns. The older adults she engages with share their personal experiences and struggles with her, and this has helped Syireen to appreciate what she has now.

With the ageing population being a global phenomenon, Syireen believes that GEM is very beneficial for both students and society. There are many things that she has learnt and discovered in GEM that have opened her eyes. GEM is really a unique course that covers many aspects of ageing which has broadened her knowledge. Now packed with a busy school schedule, Syireen has not been able to volunteer as much, but she hopes to resume once she has some spare time. As for her future? Syireen is still contemplating what she wants to do after graduating. However, she is certain that she wants to pursue a degree in a related field.

We cannot wait to see what the future will bring for this passionate youngster!