First ever HSS Week of Giving

HSS held its first-ever Week of Giving from 15 to 18 October 2018!

This originated from the students in HSS Studies Club (HSSSC), who had a desire to do something meaningful. Their first idea was to do a movie screening but it does not fulfil the objective. Finally, they decided to do food donation; something that students can easily participate in and is relatively inexpensive. It was a good opportunity for students to give back to society, in particular the older adults. At the same time, it serves to remind students of the caring spirit of HSS.

The chosen beneficiary of the food donation is St. John’s Home for the Elderly. The students got to know the home through a video by SGAG (a local website). The video highlighted some of the issues the home was facing: they need money to build their new home and food supplies. Thus the students thought that they could ease part of their burden by giving food supplies.

The Week of Giving wrapped up with a performance night for the students to showcase the messages collected during the week, and to report how much was collected and given to St. John’s Home for the Elderly. It was also a good way for students to take some time off their busy academic lives to come together to have fun and support their friends.

The HSS community donated a substantial amount of food.

Thank you everyone for your generous donations!