The last day of Freshmen Orientation (FO) started sunny and bright. Activities carried out, but only one thing was on the Freshies’ mind – the TP Regatta (a tradition of FO). But soon the sky turned dark and the rain fell. The fate of the TP Regatta hung on the balance. Would it be called off due to bad weather?

Fortunately, the rain wasn’t a threat at all!

Every year HSS Freshies save their best for the last event of FO. They channel all their energy to the last day – giving their all for the various competitions and the dragon boat races – despite the falling rain. It all paid off year after year. It was no different this year. Their fervour and cohesiveness stood out during the Regatta and once again, HSS bagged the “Best Spirited School Award”! The enthusiastic Freshies and their dedicated orientation leaders successfully defended the trophy for the fourth consecutive year, a history-making feat for a school in TP. Needless to say, students and staff were ecstatic over the win.

What made the victory sweeter was that the staff team (with the aid of some wonderfully spirited students) won 2nd place for the staff dragon boat race. Well done!

HSS commends all staff and students involved in the preparation and execution of FO. There were long nights and tired souls, but the recognition and awards made it all worthwhile. It also gave the Freshies a good start to their journey in HSS!