Persistence wins

Despite having a challenging start while in Temasek Polytechnic pursuing a Diploma in Early Childhood Studies (ECS), Denise Pun made it as the top student in the SIT-Wheelock College Commencement 2017. She clinched the prestigious “Academic Achievement Award” and was also the valedictorian. 

Denise was in the pioneer batch for ECS and it has not been a smooth journey for her. She earned a modest GPA in her first semester. However, with the help and support from the lecturers in HSS, she persisted, did reasonably well in Year 3 and graduated.  

Denise continued on in the early childhood sector as a teacher in PAP Community Foundation (PCF), and was highly commended by the school’s principal. When she was offered a place in SIT-Wheelock College, she was determined to work hard, which earned her the top student honour and the “Academic Achievement Award”. Denise will continue to serve in the Early Childhood sector as a kindergarten teacher.

This reminds us of the important pastoral role that tutors play in the lives of students. It is with the support that she received from her tutors (plus her own resilient personality) that Denise overcame her struggles and triumphed!