Student Internship Programme

School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) offers courses in humanities and social sciences with a focus on people-oriented specialisations. The school promotes a broad-based and holistic curriculum with specific career anchors that prepares students for work in a variety of people-related settings.

Through the Student Internship Programme (SIP), final year HSS students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to the workplace, where they will gain work experience with industry partners for a period of 12 or 22 weeks, depending on the diploma. This experience will in turn provide our students with invaluable insights into the real working world.

We look forward to establishing a working partnership with you in training interns for the real world environment.

For more information, please visit the main Student Internship Programme (SIP) webpage and browse through the SIP FAQs. 

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Diplomas from School of Humanities & Social Sciences 

Contact Us

You may contact the following coordinators for more information about our Student Internship Programme (SIP).

Course Contact Person Email Telephone
Diploma in Early Childhood Studies/Diploma in Early Childhood Development & Education  Ms Nur Jihan Jamil 6780-4075
Diploma in Gerontological Management Studies/
Diploma in Social Sciences in Gerontology
Mr Mohamed Fairoz Ahmad 6780-6458
Diploma in Psychology Studies Ms Tessa Goh  Li Li 6780-5932

Alternatively, you may send in your query here.

Comments from Employers

“In Khairiah’s stint with South East CDC, with relations to her studies in Gerontology, she was challenged in practice on field. She was assigned to interact with seniors and organise the Seniors Learning Camp, an annual flagship promoting active living and active volunteerism amongst the elderly. Khairiah was also granted the space to observe and express her views on Neighbours for Active Living, a sustainable population-health project that improves health/ social well-being of vulnerable seniors. On transferable skill sets, she was developed in Operations Planning and Logistics through My First Break, a transformational programme targeted at needy students, as well as Explorations into Faith (EiF), an programme facilitating inter-faith dialogues and open conversations between enthusiasts.”

Allan Koh
Manager, Community Projects
South East Community Development Council (CDC)

“Ru Wei is an efficient, task-driven, respectful and fast learner. She picked up the centre operations quickly, knew what she had to do, and how to manage elderly when they get into quarrels. She is good with home visits, especially strong in 1-1 and small group interaction with elderly and solicits elderly participation for our beginners' exercise program. Overall, she is one who is clearly aware of SAC's role in the social sector, what is required of her and what to do during outreach.”

Clarissa Huang Yuru
Programme Executive
Care Corner Seniors Activity Centre


“Joanna is a keen learner with a great attitude. She readily sought and accepted assignments even when some could be monotonous and repetitive. She is able to comprehend the work required and proactively clarifies. She gets things done and done well. Joanna is an effectively team player and a dependable colleague. What I really like about her is the sunshine attitude she brings to work.”

Eddy Cheong
Head, Financial Planning, Specialist Consulting Group
Providend Ltd

“Ying Ying was detail-oriented and organised in her work. She displayed initiative in all the tasks assigned to her. Ying Ying was able to prioritise the work she was tasked to do and kept to the timeline given to her. Her positive attitude was also commendable. Ying Ying was a responsible and dependable team player who was also often praised for going an extra mile to help the team.”

Fiona Loke
Senior Research Officer, Research & Innovation Division
Institute for Adult Learning
(December 2014)

“Jazz was a fantastic student. She was keen to work, and worked hard for her period of time at Flinders. Jobs were completed much faster than I had anticipated! They were also completed to a high standard. Her knowledge was suitable to the tasks, and she was keen to learn. If she wasn't sure about something, she would ask questions which was great. She had a great attitude, and was a pleasure to work with.

Rebecca Flower
PhD Candidate, School of Psychology
Flinders University

“Nicholas shows a positive attitude towards learning and is not afraid to ask questions when necessary. He asked for feedback frequently to check on the progress of his tasks, and is also receptive to guidance.  Additionally, he initiated involvement in other projects and offered assistance to the team whenever possible.  Nicolas is a fast learner, is timely in meeting deadlines and produces work of good quality.

Ayessha Abusalih & Xiong Lingxi
Senior Executive, Mental Health Education, Preventive Health Programmes Division
Health Promotion Board 

“We were truly impressed with the way Rachael handled the projects assigned to her, especially the pilot project “Dementia Café”, which she put together from scratch. She took great ownership and demonstrated both initiative and independence in the smooth implementation of this project. Rachael is a good example of the students in the School of Humanities & Social Sciences and is part of the reason I look forward to having more interns from Temasek Polytechnic again in the future.”

Ms Lin Aiting 
Centre Manager 
Caregiver Support Centre 
Alzheimer’s Disease Association

“Kestler is able to relate to and communicate in Teochew with our Centre’s elderly clients. He is able to pick up things fast and he has been well-liked by both our centre’s clients and staff. Kestler will be a gem in the Eldercare sector in time to come… He has been a great help to our centre. I believe he has also learnt much from his attachment in our Centre.”

Eunice Tan 
Centre Manager 
PAP Community Foundation Tampines East 3-in-1 Family Centre (Aged Care)

"It has been a great experience working with both Sin Ying and Dion. They have both shown great interest in the field of psychology and this is reflected much in the enthusiasm they have for each task they have been given. They are both equipped fairly well in terms of technical writing, statistics and knowledge of psychology. These skills that they have attained from school have been useful in helping them with the work they have done with iGROW in the past 3 months. I hope this internship has been meaningful to them and will help them find their paths in psychology."

Tan Yi Wen

"Both Pei Yin and Zheng Ning have been wonderful additions to our team during their internship with SCORE. They were proactive in learning and their passion towards the rehabilitation of offenders was seen in the way they contributed their best and even went the extra mile in everything they did. During their stint with SCORE, they have displayed some of the skills learnt at TP such as basic communications skills, knowledge of the concepts of psychology and research skills. We hope that this internship experience has enabled them to deepen their understanding about rehabilitation and that they have learnt valuable lessons here that they can continue to apply in their future endeavours."

Ms Goh Bee Shan
Assistant Director
Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE)

"The SIP programme brings students alongside a working team, and gives them the chance to explore their interests in psychology. Our intern showed a lot of initiative and quickly became a valuable member of the team. We're going to miss her, but look forward to the next batch of SIP interns. Congratulations!"

Dr Jean Loo
Research Fellow
Child Guidance Clinic (Institute of Mental Health)

“Working with Janell and Zyndie has been a real pleasure. Having good interns work for us has a practical importance in conducting our research. We have been impressed by their professional and hard working attitudes, which give credit to themselves and their polytechnic.”  

Dr Mark Rice
Senior Research Fellow
Institute for Infocomm Research (A*Star)

“Our very first experience with SIP with Temasek Polytechnic has indeed been a fruitful one for us. The intern who was attached with us, Ms Samantha Goh, was a very helpful and a keen learner. She helped us to compile some case studies for our training purposes and also assisted with the planning of a major convention that we are currently running. On the support that I received from the administrative point from Temasek Polytechnic, I must say that they have been very helpful too. The regular visits and contact through emails did ensure that this internship was really beneficial for Samantha. On the whole, it was very beneficial for us as well and I hope that there will be future opportunities to have more interns attached to us.”

Desmond Mervyn Miranda
Snr Executive, Training
FairPrice Training Institute

“The student intern attached to SHRI was wonderful! Muying has shown exceptional sense of responsibility and initiative for a person her age. She has displayed creativity in the area of problem solving and is able to view and comment on situations from a different and very refreshing pivotal perspective. We have thoroughly enjoyed her internship with us, and are appreciative of her contributions to our company during her short, but fruitful time here at SHRI.”

Fanny Koh
Senior Executive
SHRI Academy  

Comments from Interns

“The company provides very good exposure to very basic and solid groundwork as it deals a lot with what is really happening in Singapore and how we could ourselves change certain structures. You get to interact with other Doctors, Social Workers and Directors/Important people of other organizations who they themselves have made a very big change or difference. We get to learn new things from them and advice too sometimes if you talk to them often.
For those doing Gerontology, getting a SIP place here is like finding a gold mine. You get to apply everything you have learnt from Year 1 to Year 3 and even learn more new stuff about Singapore. Overall I enjoyed my SIP experience. Although the task given are not simple and can be very challenging, I took up the challenge and produce for them what they wanted. They were happy with the quality of work and I felt accomplished myself.”

Nur Atika Farhana Binte Jamaluddin
AY2014 GEM Senior 
Internship Company : National Healthcare Group

“It is good opportunity to work with the company as its job nature is project-based. It teaches me how to put my thoughts and ideas into words and presentation. The department that i am working for stresses much on insurance. It really helps me a lot when i took the finance cluster whereby insurance is one of the module that has been taught. Thus, i would strongly recommend someone who is in the finance cluster to have that place."

Chua Le Yi Crystal
AY2014 GEM Senior 
Internship Company : Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

“Supervisors in the company are well prepared to receive students for SIP and followed planned schedules to provide learning experiences for interns. The company pays a lot of attention to what an intern will get our of the experience and designs a schedule that will cut across different relevant departments within the company. The company caters to the diploma exclusively. For psychology studies, the company took effort to understand what was taught in the diploma before doing a match with departments within the company. “

Ng Kai Lun Jessica
AY2014 PSY Senior 
Internship Company : ROHEI Consulting

“At SGH, an intern gets paid for his/her own personal development. They initiated the attachment not because they needed extra manpower ,  but because they want to give the opportunity to students who are willing to learn. I was asked by my supervisor what I wanted to do and she would make it happen as long as it's doable. Any student who wishes to pursue clinical psychology or research will definitely benefit from this attachment.”

Gloretta Monalisa
AY2014 PSY Senior 
Internship Company : Singapore General Hospital

“The Child Guidance Clinic provides opportunities for interns to sit-in for real therapy sessions and also provides many valuable learning opportunities such as a weekly journal club where interns can learn from psychiatrists and psychologists on the latest developments in the field of psychology.”

Yew Lun Bei
AY2014 PSY Senior 
Internship Company : Child Guidance Clinic

“TSAO Foundation does not think lowly of interns and the company involves interns in their projects. They gave me a feel of working life and entrusted me with significant tasks. I really feel that TSAO Foundation had given me a meaningful job experience during my internship. “

Nur Fasihah Bte Yusoff 
AY2013 GEM Senior 
Internship Company : TSAO Foundation

“Thye Hua Kwan has allowed me to grow and learn a lot from this SIP. I have gained a lot of new experiences and knowledge just from the 3 months of interning with them. My colleagues there are very friendly and welcoming, and they are always willing to share their knowledge with me. Not only have I met awesome colleagues there, I was also given the chance to mingle with older people from the Senior Activity Centres (SACs), for which I am very thankful. I was assigned to a lot of tasks there, but I didn’t feel stressful at all doing them because it was very fun and enjoyable. Who can ever resist mingling with seniors and going for charity gold events with cosplays as one of the attractions?”

Nur Razlindah Bte Mohamed Abdul Razib 
AY2013 GEM Senior 
Internship Company : Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities Ltd

“Pathlight provides a very unique experience to students. It opens up a very intimate world of interaction between our mainstream habits and the habits of individuals with autism and special needs. It can provide plenty of one-on-one interactions, and it provides a very meaningful and insightful experience.”

Lim Jia Jia 
AY2012 PSY Senior 
Internship Company : Pathlight School

"After completing my OSIP, I strongly recommend the overseas experience for future students. Working overseas exposes you to many different things. There are many issues that have to be considered, e.g lodging, living with your friends, socializing with foreigners, working with them, understanding the culture. These are things that cannot be bought or learnt when working in Singapore."

Jessalyn Soo Jia Ning 
AY2012 PSY Senior 
Overseas Internship Company : Flinders University

“The job scope matched well with what was learnt from the Diploma in Gerontological Management Studies. There was room for application of learning as well as opportunity for new learning. The people were helpful and friendly and willing to listen to input from interns.”

Leow Jia Hui 
AY2012 GEM Senior 
Internship Company : CIMB

"Going with a 100 and coming back with 99 was our worst fear when we brought our clients to the Gardens by the Bay. Being involved events like these was one of the many highlights of our time at the Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA). Our main job scope was researching and planning new services for people with dementia & their caregivers”

Rachael & Ying Wen  
AY2012 PSY Seniors 
Internship Company : Alzheimer’s Disease Association