A Cyber Warrior Through Unconventional Means

Eyo Wei Chin made history in TP by being the first recipient of the Lee Kuan Yew Award who did not sit for the O-Level exams! He made the bold move of enrolling for the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) – a one-year programme specially designed for top students of the GCE N Level (Academic) cohort, and went on to achieve one cyber security feat after another. He picked the Diploma in Cyber & Digital Security because he had read about the demand for cyber security professionals and thought it offered good future prospects. He was among the pioneer batch of students in the PFP and enjoyed his PFP experience because it exposed him to many basic IT concepts, which prepared him well for the rigours of his 3-year diploma course. In the polytechnic, Wei Chin discovered he was well-suited for the applied nature of what he was learning and has excelled since his first year. Read more about Wei Chin here:


[Eyo Wei Chin was previously a student of Pasir Ris Secondary School.]