A Technopreneur At Heart

Guo Hong’s passion for technology and constant entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring. Graduating from the Information Technology course with merit, this affable young man went on to NUS to pursue a degree in computer science.  Passionate about technology and believing it can revolutionise business, Guo Hong co-founded a company called RC9 Group Pte Ltd in 2013, taking on the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He set up this company with support from the Temasek Polytechnic Entrepreneurship Centre (TPEC) ACE Startup Grant from SPRING Singapore. To pay it forward, Guo Hong regularly returns to TPEC to share RC9’s success story with students and alumni who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

In March 2017, Guo Hong was honoured by the Singapore Computer Society as one of the Finalists for the IT Youth Award 2017. His previous accolades include the Singapore Entrepreneurs’ Award 2015/2016.

Guo Hong has since sold RC9 to investors who will take it further and has started another company called Corsiva Lab Pte Ltd, an IT and marketing agency.

Find out more about Guo Hong here: http://www.limguohong.com/cv/

[Guo Hong was previously a student at Montfort Secondary School.]