OSIP to National Institute of Technology, Toyama College, Japan

Tan Ya Ling (1st left) and Tanujah Swaminathan (2nd left) participating in the International Festival

Leung Guang Hao Marcus from the Diploma in Business Intelligence & Analytics, Tan Ya Ling from the Diploma in Digital Forensics, Tanujah Swaminathan from the Diploma in Cyber & Digital Security and Fabian Lim Tze Hou from the Diploma in Financial Business Informatics were attached to the National Institute of Technology, Toyama College in Japan from 28 September to 20 December 2015 for their overseas internship.

The students were assigned various research projects which allowed them to apply what they have learnt in their diploma courses as well as pick up new technical skills. Some of the projects the students did were developing a numerical graphics processing unit (GPU) tsunami simulation, and creating a sentence generation system using Ruby, a programming language. In addition to working on their research projects, the students also participated in cultural activities and went on excursions to nearby towns such as Kanazawa.

Trip to Kanazawa

Even though they did not have their usual friends and families near them, the students had lots of help and support from their friendly  Japanese mentors and colleagues.

All in all, the students appreciated their experience in Japan as it has exposed them to even more learning. As Ya Ling reflects, “I realized the importance of being independent. Living along in another country and being in a different environment forced me to open up more and to be more courageous and willing to take the initiative to start something new. I also learnt how to manage my finances.”

After their project presentations. From left: Fabian Lim Tze Hou,  Furuyama Sensei, Tan Ya Ling, Tanujah Swaminathan, Homae Sensei, Leung Guang Hao Marcus