Rich Learning from Industry Visit to DSTA

On 16 July, a group of students from the School of Informatics & IT visited the Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) as part of FLEX Week activities. The trip proved to be an interesting and eye-opening experience. DSTA first gave a presentation about their company and the various departments in the organisation. The students then visited various exhibition booths. 

The first booth showcased an all-in-one communication tool for law enforcement officers like the police force, firemen and ambulance officers to help them quickly troubleshoot and keep the public safe. At another booth, students saw a web application for facial recognition and at the final booth they saw how Virtual Reality (VR) technology is used to train the military on a simulation on water. 

Natalie Monteiro and Kenneth Kwek who participated in the trip shared that the experience was enriching and it helped them think about possible work they would be keen to do in the future.

Check out more visit photos below:

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