TP Students

Vibrant Student Life

We believe our graduates should be well-rounded individuals. We place an emphasis on IT and People Skills and we strongly support the development of sports and social skills.

To ensure our graduates will continue to remain relevant and competitive in the rapidly changing global world, the School emphasises the development of problem solving and thinking skills and aims to cultivate communication and teamwork skills, imbuing students with a good professional work attitude.

Our team of highly qualified, dynamic and caring lecturers is committed to fostering a close bond with you and maintaining a caring, quality environment to ensure your personal growth.

The School also provides you with the opportunities to develop personally and professionally beyond the course curriculum. We have a wide range of sporting and recreational facilities and clubs/societies to engage and match your interests.

Our community and industrial projects bring students to places beyond Singapore. The learning experiences are invaluable as we challenge our students to widen their perspectives and embrace a global outlook.

You can be assured that life @ School of Informatics & IT is always teeming with exciting activities!

Life @ IIT

IIT students are constantly engaged in activities to help broaden their experiences and learning. As an IIT student, an innovative academic system also means that you can pursue beyond your core diploma subjects to enable you to enjoy a wholesome learning experience.

Our belief in practical training means that students have to undergo a period of internship with the relevant industry in their second or final year of study. Through the Student Internship Programme (SIP), students are reinforced the knowledge learnt and apply the concepts and principles to practical situations. While most will do their internship locally, some will have the opportunity to go abroad and experience a different culture as well.

Some of our students also had the opportunity to go for student exchange programmes in overseas tertiary educational institutions, where they will get to attend classes and learn about the education system in other countries.

A number of our students also took part in various competitions held locally or overseas.

Subject Exemptions

Application for Subject Exemption

•    Application is open to Full-Time students with the following qualifications:

-    ITE Higher NITEC qualification  
-    Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level
-    GCE ‘O’ Level (with Applied Subjects)
-    Approved Certifications from other educational institutions or professional bodies

•   Exemptions are not given automatically. Students who meet the exemption criteria for the subjects in the course must apply for exemption using the official application form.  
•    Prior learning experience must be obtained within 3 years from the date of application.
•    Only one application is allowed per student per semester.
•    Subject exemption cannot be granted for subjects that were earlier granted as exemption in the previous studies.  Subjects attempted during your course of study in TP will not be considered for subject exemption.
•    Applicants seeking exemption using Approved Certifications from other educational institutions or professional bodies may be required to sit for a proficiency assessment.

Application Period

  • Application for subject exemption opens one week before commencement of the semester and will close on the last working day in Week 2 of the semester.
AY2019/2020 Application Period
From To
April Semester 8 April 2019 26 April 2019
October Semester 7 October 2019 25 October 2019
  • Late application will not be considered.

Application Procedures and Required Document

A. Applicants with ITE / “O” Level / “A” Level qualifications

  • Applicants must attach a certified true copy of the official ITE transcript/statement of results or ‘A’ or ‘O’ level result slip(s) with the completed Subject Exemption application form.  
  • Please note that transcripts / result printed from the web or online system will not be accepted.
  • All completed application form and required supporting documents are to be submitted to the Course Advisor / Course Manager for consideration. 
  • At the point of form submission, applicants are required to produce the ORIGINAL ITE transcript/statement of results or ‘A’ or ‘O’ level results slips(s) or Certificates for verification.

B. Applicants with Approved Certifications from other educational institutions or professional bodies

  • Applicants must submit the completed Subject Exemption application form together with a certified true copy of the supporting documents to proof the successful completion of the external subject. 
  • All completed application form and required supporting documents are to be submitted to the Course Advisor / Course Manager for consideration.
  • At the point of form submission, applicants are required to produce the ORIGINAL supporting documents for verification.

Application Outcome

  • Applicants are required to continue to attend the lectures and classes for all subjects pending the outcome of the application.
  • Applicants will be notified of the application outcome by post within 3 weeks from the closing date.

You may download the application forms here

IIT Studies Club

Welcome to the Informatics & IT Studies Club! The club, better know as IIT Studies Club, is the academic studies club in Temasek Polytechnic School of Informatics & IT. IIT Studies Club aims to provide a well-rounded educational experience that not only maximizes our students' academic learning, but also contributes to their personal enrichment and growth.

IIT Studies Club is managed by a committee comprising students from the various diplomas under Temasek Polytechnic School of Informatics & IT. The Club is basically a place where all students of School of Informatics & IT can gather around, make new friends and to chill out from the hectic studying.

As a student of School of Informatics & IT, you are automatically a member of the IIT Studies Club and are entitled to take part in the wide variety of sports events, academic activities and welfare work organised by the Club.

All activities organised by the Club attempt to provide opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills, explore their unknown talents and bring out the wildest ideas in them. Along the way, they can even discover another side of themselves that they didn't even know they had in them. Also, in the process, students get to make many good friends and discover more about friends whom they already know.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join the Club now. You won't regret this!

Student Awards

Student Awards Presentation Ceremony

This is an annual event at which we celebrate the academic and non-academic achievements of students. We recognise students who have excelled in their Freshmen and Junior years and attained results that placed them in the top 10% of their diploma cohort. We also recognise students who have been awarded TP Scholarships for the first time and those who have contributed to the community in exceptional ways. 

2017 Programme & Award Recipients