Programme Structure


Core Modules

1. Supervise Security Officers  (CRS-Q-0006057-SE) 
2. Assess and Address Security Risks (CRS-Q-0006057-SE) 
3. Perform Supervisory Duties within Legal Framework(CRS-Q-0006152-SE)  
4. Induct Security Personnel(CRS-Q-0018830-SE) 


Elective Modules

Vocational Skills

1. Conduct Operation Briefing and Debriefing (CRS-Q-0006248-SE) 
2. Contribute to the Management of Security Incidents (CRS-Q-0006137-SE) 
3. Monitor and Review Security Operations (CRS-Q-0006250-SE) 
4. Lead and Manage a Team of Security Officers (CRS-Q-0006249-SE) 
5. Deploy Security Equipment (CRS-Q-0022721-SE) 
6. Perform Monitoring and Reporting Duties at Central Command Centre (CRS-Q-0022849-SE) 
7. Perform Security Command Centre Activities at Client's Premises (CRS-Q-0022850-SE) 
8. Supervise Crowd and Traffic Control Activities (CRS-Q-0030612-SE) 

*Eligible for Assessment only Pathway (AOP). Please click here for more information.

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Job Interviews

Security Industry Institute, Temasek Polytechnic, 21 Tampines Ave 1 East Wing Block 1A, Level 3, Unit 4
14 - 28 Jun 19