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Disruption From National Service

Message from MINDEF

Disruption from full-time National Service for full-time university studies

Disruption from full-time NS affects both the operational readiness of the unit and the individual. For this reason, disruption is a concession that can only be considered on the basis of equity to allow those from the same school cohort but enlisted in the later intake, to proceed for further studies at the same time as those enlisted in the earlier intake.

In general, NSFs from the same Polytechnic diploma cohort are enlisted in either the June quarterly intake (earlier intake) or September quarterly intake (later intake). The scheduling of the NS enlistment intakes and MINDEF's disruption policy take into account the fact that most Polytechnic students graduate in Apr, and will ORD in the 2nd half of the calendar year. For example, a Polytechnic graduate who enlisted in the earlier intake in June 2012 will ORD in time to commence university at NUS,NTU or SMU in Aug 2014. Another Polytechnic graduate who enlisted in the later intake in September 2012 will be eligible for disruption from NS so that he may commence studies at NUS, NTU or SMU in Aug 2014, at the same time as his peer who was enlisted earlier in June 2012. The minority of students who graduate from Polytechnic after April (e.g. due to repeat of modules, or due to the structure of their academic term), and who are enlisted after the September quarterly intake, will not be granted disruption from NS to commence university at NUS,NTU or SMU together with their peers who enlisted earlier, but can continue with their degree studies at these institutions after their ORD.

You may visit the NS Portal or contact NS Call Centre at 1800-3676767 for more information on disruption from full-time NS for full-time studies.