Student Life

An e-Lifestyle

A campus-wide IT network harnesses the latest technology for teaching, learning and administrative support. TP has embarked on an initiative to realise Singapore’s Public Service 21 (PS21) vision of service excellence through the delivery of “one-stop, non-stop” electronic services to students, staff, industry partners and the public.

This initiative, known as ePoly, allows staff and students to have a personalised web space where almost every service and learning resource can be accessed from within and outside the campus.

Among the services available now are a personalised timetable and an online storage space that can be accessed anywhere. You can also update your personal particulars, check your examination results and enrol for courses online.

TP students are also able to read news and announcements, access information resources stored in TP’s library, submit work assignments from home, study online, attend virtual tutorials and group discussions, and chat online with lecturers.

These are all part of the growing e-lifestyle for you at TP.

Common IT Issues & FAQ