Review of Subject Grade

Students who wish to appeal for a review of their subject grades may do so by completing the prescribed form available at Student Services at a non-refundable fee of S$16.10 per subject (inclusive of prevailing GST).

All applications must be submitted within 4 working days from the day the results are released by the Polytechnic. Late submissions will not be entertained.

Appeal Against Removal

Students who are removed from their diploma course and wish to appeal to be reinstated to continue with their studies may submit their appeal to the Examinations Division at ‘’.

All appeals must be submitted within 4 working days from the day the examination results are released by the Polytechnic.

Examination Results

The examination results are made available to students via the student portal. Students are encouraged to check their examination results online and print a copy of the Statement of Results for reference.

Students who need an official copy of the examination results may request for the Statement of Examination Results at Student Services at a non-refundable fee of S$3.20 per copy (inclusive of prevailing GST). The Statement of Results will be printed and issued on-the-spot upon receipt of full payment and on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Statement of Results will not be issued to students who have outstanding fees in TP.

Academic Transcript

The academic transcript is an official academic record of all the subjects and grades obtained by a student during the period of study in Temasek Polytechnic.

Students who have completed the course requirements for their Diploma will receive a complimentary copy of the official academic transcript, via postal mail, within two to three weeks from the release of the final semester examination results.

Additional copy of the official academic transcript can be obtained from Student Services at a non-refundable fee of S$ 5.40 per copy (inclusive of prevailing GST). Request can be made in person or through a proxy. Please refer here for more information on the transcript charges and processing duration.

The Academic Transcript will not be issued to students who have outstanding fees in TP.

Diploma Certificate

Students who have completed their course will be awarded with a diploma. The diploma certificates will be presented during the Graduation Ceremony held in May of each year. Diploma certificate will not be issued to graduands who have not settled their outstanding fees or loans.

Graduands who are unable to attend the Graduation Ceremony will be advised on the arrangement to collect their certificates nearer the date of the Graduation Ceremony. If you are unable to collect your certificate personally, you may authorise a proxy to collect it on your behalf. The proxy must bring your Matriculation Card / Identity Card / Passport, and his / her Identity Card together with the duly completed and signed Collection of Diploma Certificate by Proxy Form. Please note that the Polytechnic WILL NOT be liable for any damage to or loss of the certificate collected by the proxy.

 The Polytechnic will keep your certificate for a period of 2 years after the Graduation Ceremony. Thereafter, all uncollected certificates will be discarded without further notice. Application for a reprint of the certificate will be subject to prevailing charges, and to be submitted using the Replacement of Certificate Form. The form must be submitted in person or through a proxy at our Student Services. The reprinted certificate that is not collected within 90 days of application will be discarded.

Appeal for Absence from Examination

  1. Candidates should exercise social responsibility. Do not report for examination if you are sick.
  2. Candidates who are sick should consult their doctors and submit an appeal for absence from examination with supporting document (i.e. medical or hospitalisation certificate).
  3. Appeal for absence from examination:
    • Appeal must be submitted within 48 hours (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holiday) from the start time of the first affected examination paper.
    • Use this form Appeal for Special Consideration on Absence from Examinations to submit your appeal. All required details must be clearly completed and scanned copy of supporting document attached for submission. Incomplete submission will not be accepted.
    • Email appeal to Academic Affairs at :
    • Title of email must be in this format: ‘Student Full Name, (Admission Number/Course), Appeal for Absence from Exam’ e.g. Tang Yi Yi (1234567A/LOM), Appeal for Absence from Exam
    • Candidates are to check the appeal outcome and instructions within 2 working days from the appeal submission via Student Portal > Exams Results-> Special Consideration.
  4. Appeal must not be submitted via the TP Student Mobile App.
  5. Late submission will be rejected and any further appeal will not be entertained.