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Due to limited seating capacity, each graduand can only invite a maximum of 2 guests. Online viewing through live streaming of the ceremony will be available.

MINDEF’s assistance has been sought for the release of full-time National Servicemen to attend the Graduation Ceremony, subject to exigencies of service & training schedules. You may produce your registration confirmation email as proof to MINDEF, if required.

Full-time - Refer to PDF

Part-time - Refer to PDF

Proxy form - Refer to Collection of Diploma by Proxy Form

You will not receive a separate certificate. However, a letter stating your prize/award will be sent to you before the graduation ceremony.

Please check that your login details are correct. Should the issue persist, please email to

You should receive an invitation email sent to your TP Student email or personal email (for part-time graduands only) by early April. If you have registered, a registration confirmation email will be sent to your TP Student/personal email account* by end April. Please check your junk/spam inbox if you do not receive the emails regarding graduation.

* part-time graduands will receive the email via their personal email account.

If you have registered and did not receive the graduation package, please email to

Please display the car card to facilitate our security guard in directing you to the assigned parking spaces. Parking fees apply. Please click here for the parking charges.

Only children above the age of 5 are allowed to attend the ceremony and will need a ticket for admission.