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All Singaporean/PR male final-year and NS-eligible students are required to serve National Service (NS). A combination of your Physical Employment Standards (PES), Pre-Enlistee Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) scores and Body Mass Index (BMI), will determine the type and duration of basic military training in each of the uniformed Services you could be assigned to (Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Civil Defence Force or Singapore Police Force) for your full-time NS.


Visit our Virtual Campus website for more resources to improve your IPPT performance and prepare for National Service!


For more information on IPPT testing in TP, please click here.

Resources to Improve IPPT Performance

The Student Development & Alumni Affairs (SDAA) Department has designed a 4-week training programme to help you improve your IPPT performance.

For the training programme, please refer to the videos below.

To go through the iFIT programme, please download the slides here.

For more information about life in National Service and Basic Military Training, please refer to the videos below.


Keen to find out how the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) have continued to support Singapore’s fight against COVID-19, and upkeep our operational readiness while adhering to strict health and safety measures? Check out the following resources for more information!

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