You have probably been reading about the metaverse, NFTs, artificial intelligence and digital business transformation. Did you know that international and homegrown brands like Apple and Grab are successful because of their business practices, innovative ideas and products? How did they get there, and what makes them tick? Join the School of Business to find out more!

At School of Business, we empower you to create your future and fulfil your aspirations. You have eight full-time diplomas to choose from, spanning across Accountancy & Finance, Media, Culinary Management, Hospitality, Law, Logistics and Marketing. The specialised practical skills you acquire will give you a head start in the evolving business realm.

Why Us?

Acquire business management knowledge and skills through industry projects, case studies, enhanced internship programmes and working in learning enterprises.

Learn with established business partners and experts to gain industry-specific competencies and certifications to succeed in a digital-first economy.

Develop a business-savvy mindset and essential life skills such as adaptability, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration via a multidisciplinary learning approach.

Imagining Tomorrow's Business Leaders Trailblazing Marketing Specialists 6-time Hospitality Institute of the Year Winner Imagining Tomorrow's Business Leaders Trailblazing Marketing Specialists 6-time Hospitality Institute of the Year Winner

Open House Highlights

Communications & Media Management Law & Management
Creating Engaging Content and Understanding Legal Aspects of Food Business

There are rules that businesses comply to in their operations and to be successful, businesses need to promote themselves. Join this workshop to explore the legal, creative & media matters through a food adventure.

Join our talk on 5 Jan, Thurs, 10am

Accountancy & Finance Hospitality & Tourism Management
Managing Finance and Creating Excellent Experience for a Food Business

Planning and proper budgeting, methods of cooking and the dining experience are essential to running a restaurant. Explore matters of finance, culinary & catering operation and hospitality through a food adventure.

Join our talk on 5 Jan, Thurs, 12pm

Business Marketing
Annyeonghaesyo Singapore! Learn how to Start, Operate and Market a Business Overseas

Is globalisation of local cuisines possible? Using the Business Model Canvas, learn to start, operate and market a business on a global scale.

Join our talk on 5 Jan, Thurs, 2pm

International Trade & Logistics Common Business Programme
Understand the Supply Chain of Bubble Tea

You definitely had a bubble tea or two (obviously an understatement) in your life but have you ever wondered what goes on behind to get that refreshing cup of tea to you? Join us in this e-Workshop where you will be exposed to the different parties involved in forming the supply chain for this product.

Join our talk on 6 Jan, Fri, 10am

Hospitality & Tourism Management
Navigate the Singapoliday!

Experience this interactive and fun workshop to know more about hospitality, travel & tourism and event management. Our student leaders will take you through an exciting online trail to discover the gems in a neighbourhood.

Join our talk on 6 Jan, Fri, 12pm

Culinary & Catering Management
“Live from our Temasek Culinary Academy Theatre” – Explore the World of Pastas with Diploma in Culinary & Catering Management

Have a peek into the world of pasta and learn how to make your own pasta and sauce from scratch at this cooking show hosted by the Diploma in Culinary & Catering Management. Recorded at the Temasek Culinary Academy located in Temasek Polytechnic, our students will take you through each preparation step of the process.

Join our talk on 7 Jan, Sat, 11am

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