If you love to question, discover, invent and create, you are at the right place. Our School of Engineering offers 10 diploma courses and one Common Engineering Programme, designed to build a strong foundation in core engineering areas in Aviation & Aerospace, Built Environment and Engineering. Join us today and kick-start your journey to become a versatile future-driven engineer!

Why Us?

Comprehensive range of engineering courses to choose from – covering fast-growing sectors, including aerospace and aviation, advanced manufacturing, robotics, sustainability and built environment.

Unique structured programmes specifically designed to help you realise your true potential. You will also have opportunities to apply for the prestigious TP Engineering Scholarship.

Facilities set up together with market leading companies to train you in the latest technologies, such as the TP Advanced Manufacturing Centre and the Integrative Built Environment Centre.

Developing Tomorrow's Engineers Building Robots of the Future Taking to the Skies with Aviation Developing Tomorrow's Engineers Building Robots of the Future Taking to the Skies with Aviation

Open House Highlights

Aviation and Aerospace Cluster
The Aviation Advantage

Take to the skies with the exciting world of aviation! From discovering more about engineering and mechanical fundamentals to the crucial role electronics plays in this industry, we’ve got you covered. Oh you’ll also get to learn more about how airports are managed. The sky’s the limit with the school of engineering!

Architectural Technology and Building Services
Combat Climate Change

We’ve all heard about climate change, but did you know that a building’s design can play a part to combat it? With the Diploma in Architectural Technology and Building Services, you can help to build an environment that’s not just comfortable for human beings, but safe for our planet too!

Business Process & Systems Engineering
Get the Best of Both Worlds – Business & Engineering!

Have an interest in both business and engineering? You don’t have to pick one – get the best of both worlds with a Diploma in Business Process & Systems Engineering!

Integrated Facilities Management
Managing Mega Facilities

Think you’ve got what it takes to manage establishments like Jewel Changi Airport and Gardens by the Bay? The Diploma in Integrated Facilities Management will ensure that you are ready to tap into this growing industry!

Biomedical Engineering
Healthcare 4.0

Ever wondered how medical devices that are used by doctors and nurses are designed? From analysing gene structures to handling medical equipment such as X-ray machines and customising hearing aids for patients, Biomedical Engineering personnel are crucial to the healthcare industry. Discover how you too can be a part of this indispensable industry!

Computer Engineering
Be Part of the Vital Talent Pool

Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics and artificial intelligence are some of the hottest buzzwords in today’s workforce. Discover how the diploma in Computer Engineering helps you attain these skills and gears you up for an exciting future!

Gear Up for the New Digital Economy

Electronics is all around us! From the smartphones we own to the electric cars we drive; electronic circuits and devices play a crucial role. Discover how TP’s Diploma in Electronics gives you the perfect platform to spearhead our future digital transformation.

Digitalising our Hyper-Connected Future

Welcome to the era of advanced manufacturing where humans, machines and systems, communicate and collaborate as one. Acquire in demand skills ranging from engineering concepts to cutting-edge advance manufacturing technologies with TP’s Diploma in Mechatronics.

Common Engineering Programme

The common engineering programme provides students with the ultimate flexibility of choosing from 10 diplomas in their second year of study. Join us to discover the endless opportunities that engineering can provide!

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