About Sustainability Design Award 2024

The fight against global threats like climate change, resource depletion, and food waste demands innovative solutions. This is where design steps in as a powerful tool. Consumer desire for eco-friendly living is driving a surge in sustainable design across architecture, urban planning, engineering, and even fashion.

Building on this momentum, Temasek Polytechnic launched the Sustainability Design Award (SDA) in 2017. The SDA acts as an important platform to nurture environmental consciousness among our design students. By tackling real-world challenges, the award empowers students to showcase creative solutions that can make a positive impact.

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Extension of SDA to Secondary Schools
In 2024, a new chapter was introduced by opening the competition to secondary school students. These young minds were invited to join the fight against a major environmental and economic challenge for Singapore: excessive waste generation.

Elvis Tay
Head, BeyonDesign Centre

The inaugural SDA category for secondary schools received excellent response, with 61 entries from 19 schools! These impressive submissions prove that our youth have immense potential and a passion for sustainability, which will propel Singapore towards a more sustainable future.”

About BeyonDesign Centre (BDC)
BDC dedicates itself to exploring innovative ways to minimise human activities' negative impact on the environment. It employs a systematic, transdisciplinary approach, involving multiple stakeholders from the outset to co-create holistic solutions. By fostering this collaborative spirit, BDC leverages a wealth of perspectives and experiences, leading to the creation of more practical and impactful sustainable solutions.