Welcome to TP’s hub for science and research in food, chemical, healthcare and life sciences. Home to 5 diploma courses and a Common Science Programme, learning goes beyond classrooms and laboratories. Get to explore actual industry projects with our scientists and hone your skills working in our Learning Enterprises. We nurture you to be that future technologists and scientists to make the world a healthier, greener and better place!

Why Us?

Gain more exposure with our diverse curriculum that prepares you for various industry sectors such as food and nutrition, healthcare, pharmaceutical manufacturing, aquaculture and chemical.

Get real work experience with our enhanced internship programme. Scholarship and sponsorship opportunities await to convert your internship placement to a full-time position after graduation!

Numerous opportunities abound for real life projects in community health outreach, as well as international competitions which will sharpen your skills and hone your talent.

Nurturing Tomorrow's Scientists Empowering Conservation Efforts Nurturing Tomorrow's Scientists Empowering Conservation Efforts Nurturing Tomorrow's Scientists Empowering Conservation Efforts Nurturing Tomorrow's Scientists Empowering Conservation Efforts

Open House Highlights

Food, Nutrition & Culinary Science
Bistro Lab: Behind the Scenes (Sat morning only)

Step into the learning enterprise that whips up delectable dishes! Their rendang just happens to be a personal fave of the TP family! You’ll get to tour Bistro lab’s kitchens and gain insight into how food is commercially produced.

Food, Nutrition & Culinary Science
Tour our Food Laboratories!

Discover the science behind food! You’ll discover more about the tests we perform in our food, nutrition & culinary laboratories and better understand the many job specialisations available in the food and nutrition industry.

Medical Biotechnology
Keeping You Safe – Swab PCR Test for COVID-19!

A whopping 60,00 PCR tests were performed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. How exactly do these highly accurate tests work though? Join us as we share about the science and tech behind COVID testing and role played by Medical Lab Technologists (MLT) during the pandemic.

Medical Biotechnology
Keeping You Healthy – Microscopy and ABO Blood Typing

You’ve just received your report after attending a health check-up. What exactly were the tests conducted to give you that clean bill of health? We’re here to give you those answers! Gain insight into the crucial role medical technologists play in ensuring all diagnoses are accurate and precise.

Pharmaceutical Science
Let’s Be a Pharmacy Technician!

Get exclusive behind-the-scenes access into the role of a pharmacy technician! Discover more about the intricate process behind receiving prescriptions and dispensing medication accordingly.

Pharmaceutical Science
Can You Make an Emulsion?

What is an Emulsion? And nope we’re not referring to the dreaded cod liver oil we got as kids! At this station, you will get to try your hand at creating an emulsion which helps make drugs more palatable. You’ll also be introduced to different forms of medication dosage and the different routes of drug administration.

Pharmaceutical Science
A Drug’s Voyage

Ever wondered about how medications help us feel better when we’re unwell? Join us on this amazing journey as we showcase the effects drug have on our body when we consume them.

Pharmaceutical Science
Tablet Break

We see the humble tablet at the pharmacy every day. Did you however know that these medications have to go through a rigorous set of tests before they are approved for sale? Visit our Pharmaceutical Formulation and Analysis Lab as you gain insight into quality control (QC) tests such as friability tests and tablet hardness tests.

Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering: From Theory to Practical

Take a step forward for sustainability with Chemical Engineering! Join us for an exclusive tour of our brand-new chemical pilot plant and discover how waste materials can be given a second life and be used in the development of sustainable products.

Veterinary Technology
Fruity Fish Treats

Fermented fruits can be used as fish feed and water conditioners for aquariums?! Yep, you heard that right folks! Discover how a very special method of fermentation helps facilitate the growth of beneficial bacteria and the production of essential enzymes.

Common Science Programme

Hear more about our latest addition to the School of Applied Science! Take a fun personality quiz to discover your strengths and the many options you have in the common science programme. You’ll also gain greater insight into the many exciting careers available for our graduates.

Daily Guided Lab Tours

Meeting Point at PIXEL GARDEN, Applied Science Concourse (1.5hr)

Timings for the guided Lab tours:
5 Jan (Thurs) & 6 Jan (Fri) - Tour starts at 10am, 1pm and 3pm.
7 Jan (Sat) - Tour starts at 11am and 3pm.

Each designated Lab tour will take max 10mins according to the sequence below.

  1. World skills (ASC) Demonstration
    • Blk 4, level 3 Centre of Innovation for Complementary Health Product
  2. Diploma in Food, Nutrition and Culinary (FNC)
    • Food Sensory and Testing lab (EW1A-06-47)
  3. Diploma in Medical Biotechnology (MBT)
    • COVID19 Diagnostic Lab (EW1A-07-81)
    • Medical Technology Lab (EW1A-07-74)
  1. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science (PHS)
    • Pharmaceutical Formulation and Analysis Lab (EW1A-07-91/92)
  2. Diploma in Chemical Engineering (ChE)
    • Chemical Pilot Plant (CPP)
  3. Diploma in Veterinary Technology (VET)
    • CAVS (Animal Clinic + Aquaculture Facility)

Daily Diploma Shows

Daily Timing: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm (except SAT, last showtime 2pm)
Chemical Engineering
The friendly footprint
Lecture Theatre 6 (IT7-3-10)

Medical Biotechnology
Matters of the HEART
Lecture Theatre 8 (IT7-3-7)

Veterinary Technology
Fruity Fish Treats
Centre for Aquaculture and Veterinary Science (Animal Clinic & Aquaculture facility)

Daily Timing: 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm (except SAT, last showtime 3pm)
Food, Nutrition & Culinary Science
A Ticket for your Picketh
Lecture Theatre 5 (IT7-3-11)

Pharmaceutical Science
Join us on our PILLgrimage!
Lecture Theatre 7 (IT7-3-8)

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