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Clara Yang Ting
Diploma in Medical Biotechnology
What's the dream for your tomorrow?

My dream would be to continue pursuing my interests for as long as I possibly can! Post-graduation, I plan to continue to gain experience, while applying to universities. As for my career aspirations, I would definitely like to continue learning and working in medicine and healthcare.

Our future leader and competition crusher

A scholar, a multiple awards winner and an all-rounded leader. Meet Clara, a CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School alumna, who attributes her success to her three years in TP!

Surprisingly, Clara wasn’t exactly your stereotypical stellar student prior to her poly days. When she joined TP, she worked hard in her first year, earning her the TP Scholarship, which served as her biggest motivation for her growth as a student. Clara then strived to excel not just in academics but as a leader, a friend and an individual.

Our go-getter bagged multiple awards such as the CCA Merit Award (Leadership) and several more from the Singapore Science Buskers Competition, the LKCMedicine Anatomy Challenge and multiple food sustainability-related competitions. She is also on the Director’s list and received the Edusave Certificate of Academic Achievement in 2021 and 2022.

She furthered her leadership journey by joining the Medical Biotechnology Interest Group and TP Student Union (TPSU), where she was challenged to step out of her comfort zone, take the lead, work with new people and make decisions. Clara also led a mental health project, Project R, which aimed to put the wellness of students at the forefront. As TPSU president, she learned not just how to be a leader, but a true team player.

My top TP spot

It would be the TP Library for me! I spent most of my time after classes there especially on level 4, where my project groups spent countless hours working on our assignments and hanging out!

Reshma Subramaniam
Diploma in Communications & Media Management
What’s the dream for your tomorrow?

I am a small-town kid with big city dreams. Radio is my number one, ultimate love so I am always actively looking out for opportunities to pursue this pathway and eventually step into this exciting industry!

Our future media connoisseur

For as long as she can remember, Reshma has always loved listening to the radio and aspired to make a career out of it. In 2019, she attended TP’s Open House and was immediately drawn to the Diploma in Communications & Media Management and its well-rounded curriculum.

This St. Margaret’s Secondary School alumna further honed her skills during her TP internship with Youthopia. Her role as the organisation’s video content producer was an invaluable, eye-opening peek into the real-world, daily operations of a media outlet.

After witnessing how much fun her seniors were having while working on TP’s campus radio station, RadioActive, Reshma was determined to join this vibrant, close-knit group. With her dedication and passion, she was a perfect fit for the station, landing roles as radio presenter and publicity head for RadioActive. No surprise that she counts her time with RadioActive as one of her top TP highlights!

From her first days in TP’s Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) to her final year now, Reshma has always grabbed the opportunities that came her way to make the most of her TP experience. She’s enjoyed learning activities as a member of the PFP ambassadors and Temasek LEAD Programme and also runs for TP’s Track & Field team, where she clinched medals in the individual and relay events at various games!

My only-in-TP fav

TP flex week! I am grateful for it because it gives me the time to catch up with schoolwork and lectures. It’s also a break from an intense schedule, which gives me time to recuperate, reset and get ready for the rest of the term.

Joash Shalom S/O Sinayah
Diploma in Product & Industrial Design (now Product Experience & Design)
What’s the dream for your tomorrow?

My dream is to run my own design firm that can cater to the needs of many people. I hope that my future work will hit the headlines, and I do feel that I’m getting closer to achieving this every day when I’m in TP.

Tomorrow’s design maestro

Pursuing multiple passions in school is possible! Just ask Diploma in Product & Industrial Design (PID) (now Diploma in Product Experience & Design) student Joash, who also leads our TP Dance Ensemble (TPDE) as its President.
The positive testimonials about TP’s design courses from his Bowen Secondary School teachers coupled with an enjoyable experience at TP Open House, helped solidify Joash's decision for his post O-level education. In TP, Joash has levelled up his understanding of the design thinking process and prototyping methodologies. In addition, he also developed a new interest and love for UI/UX design.

For his TP internship, Joash stepped into IKEA Alexandra as a graphic communicator. Working as a team, they ensured that every customer had an insightful and meaningful shopping experience. IKEA also exposed him to copywriting, content creation and financial budgeting—all useful skills for Joash when he joins the design industry.

You can also find Joash in a studio grooving to the beat with his TPDE crew. Dance is a huge part of his life—and thanks to his TP CCA, he enjoys opportunities to perform at internal and external events. These include the Temasek Student Excellence Awards ceremony, DREAMS XII, and Esplanade DA: NS Festival: FULL OUT! He credits the experience of leading his TPDE troupe for helping him grow as an individual and a leader.

My top TP spot

The foyer right next to the dance studios. It’s quiet and breezy during the day, making it a great place to study. At night however, it’s bustling with energy from TP’s arts and sports groups, with lots of sights to enjoy and sounds to appreciate!

Daniel Augusto Murlis
Diploma in Biomedical Engineering
What’s the dream for your tomorrow?

Pursuing a career in the healthcare sector with a focus on innovation, and being part of a team that creates solutions such as medical devices to improve patient care or algorithms that assist healthcare staff with medical diagnoses. That’s the dream!

Our future healthcare innovator

An ITE College East alumnus, Daniel credits his Higher Nitec in Electrical Engineering studies for giving him strong foundations to succeed in Temasek Polytechnic.

Driven by a passion to help as many people as he can, Daniel has set his sights on using his growing engineering know-how to contribute to Singapore’s healthcare sector. Thanks to his vibrant TP experiences, he is well on his way to doing so. As a Temasek LEADership Programme participant, TP’s talent development initiative for high-performing students, Daniel visited rental apartments to find out real-life, living environment issues faced by his fellow Singaporeans. In addition, Daniel spends his Friday afternoons mentoring and helping his Year 1 juniors with their TP engineering modules.

While accompanying his father to physiotherapy sessions, Daniel hit on a eureka moment for his TP Major Project. Calling it the PhysioTracker, his team harnessed technology to create a patient monitoring device for physiotherapists to use, which can help improve the effectiveness of their sessions.

Currently, this final-year TP student is on his industry internship. Attached to Changi General Hospital’s Office of Innovation, his various project duties include coding, design, publicity and prototyping models for the team’s various ideas on improving patient care.

My top TP spot

The various classrooms in TP School of Engineering! That’s usually where my friends and I would stay back to hang out and unwind at the end of each day.

Lina Farhanah Bte Anifah
Diploma in Psychology Studies
What’s the dream for your tomorrow?

To be a better version of who I was yesterday. Career wise, I would like to be a psychologist, specifically in the forensic context. I find that getting to work with convicts and seeking the opportunity to make a difference in their lives through rehabilitation is meaningful.

Our future team spirit ambassador

Lina shows true dedication in not just her academics, but also in serving her peers and the TP community.

Lucky for her, she already knew that she wanted a spot in TP after hearing her cousin rave about TP’s holistic approach, student development and campus culture. Her strong interest in psychology also propelled her decision to choose the School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS). With that, she joined our #TPFAM after graduating from Tanjong Katong Girls' School. Best decision ever, we say!

Her role as president of the Psychology Interest Group (PSIG) taught her to adopt effective communication and relationship-building skills to connect and form positive relationships with the team. Lina oversees different departments, handles events, works with various organisations and represents PSIG—an experience that has amplified her leadership capabilities.

Lina recently received the CCA Merit Award (Leadership) under the Temasek Student Excellence Awards (TSEA) 2022, in recognition of her active involvement and outstanding achievements for PSIG. Additionally, she also attained the Certificate of Achievement for her outstanding achievement and contribution in the World Youth Skills Day (Asia-Pacific) Youth Ambassadors Programme 2022.

Attributing her success to her teammates, Lina says that HSS feels like home to her. The collective bond and unwavering energy of the school’s spirit is something she’ll always keep close to heart.

My fav TP food

Hands down the Mentaiko Chicken Rice Bowl from TP's Triplets outlet. I especially love the mentaiko sauce as it has a rich umami flavour to it!

Joey Lim
Diploma in Information Technology
What’s the dream for your tomorrow?

My dreams are of a greener world, and it begins right here in Singapore. I aspire to delve into the research and development of software and technologies that can be used to create sustainable solutions for this planet we call home.

Tomorrow’s tech guru

As a young girl, Joey was fascinated with games like MapleStory and League of Legends, which allowed her to connect online with her friends.

This initial spark eventually flamed into a passion for all things IT. A visit to TP’s Open House with her Loyang View Secondary School friends cemented her desire to apply to TP. It proved an excellent decision with Joey flourishing in her studies, exploring the interconnected worlds of web and mobile development, machine learning and IoT.

TP also provided Joey with opportunities to test her IT skills via hackathons and competitions. One of them was WorldSkills Singapore 2021, where she claimed the gold medal in the Mobile Application Development category. This win qualified her for the WorldSkills Competition Special Edition 2022. Held in Goyang, South Korea, Joey went up against the best youth mobile application developers from China, Taiwan, Germany and Iran, put in a commendable performance and did Singapore proud with her Medallion of Excellence achievement.

A Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT) scholarship recipient, Joey was also attached to the organisation for her TP internship. Tasked with developing a proof-of-concept end-to-end solution for the Human Resources department, Joey researched and explored new Microsoft technology, applied it to the project and presented it to her mentors, who were pleased with her efforts!

My fav TP food

Students here rave about the food at TP Designer Pad—and I’m one of them! My top go-to dish is the Japanese inspired omurice, and its yummy topping options of cheese, mushroom or tomato sauce!

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