Who Can Apply

Students who will be sitting for the O-Level examinations this year.

International Students enrolled in government, government-aided and Independent Schools who have registered to sit for the O-Level examinations this year.

ITE students who are in their final year of study of their Nitec and Higher Nitec courses.

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents with 2 years or more relevant working experience and who meet the minimum entry requirements of the courses that they are applying for.

Tips for EAE Application

Online Application

Write about your interest and talent in the areas related to the course you are applying for

Elaborate on your participation in activities (CCA), achievements and leadership qualities

Provide examples of how you have learned more about your area of interest through activities such as workshops, school projects or competitions


Bring your portfolio including the following:

Achievement awards and work examples (could be those done in or out of school)

For Design courses, a portfolio of work examples is required at the interview

Scholarships and Financial Matters