Give hope

At TP, we firmly believe that education is the gateway to limitless opportunities. We are committed to assisting students in their academic pursuits, and your participation in this mission will have a direct impact on the lives of young learners. By providing financial aid and resources, we can ensure that students have the support they need to succeed. Together, we can help shape a generation of capable, well-rounded individuals who are poised to make a positive difference in the world. Join us in our efforts to promote student development through education. Let's work together to turn their dreams into reality. Every contribution counts, and together, we can make a significant difference!

How your donations benefit our students

Financial Aid
  • Bridge Financial Gap: Our financially needy students receive government bursaries covering part of their tuition fees. Your contributions fill the crucial gap, providing financial assistance for living expenses and study-related costs.
  • Unburdened Learning: With your support, students can dedicate themselves fully to their studies, free from the need to work part-time during the school term.
  • Empower Futures: Your donations directly empower students by enabling them to focus on their education and thrive academically, breaking the cycle of financial strain.
  • Recognise Excellence: Your contributions play a pivotal role in recognising and rewarding outstanding academic achievements.
  • Fuel Aspirations: By investing in scholarships, you will be fueling students' aspirations and motivating them to strive for even greater excellence.
  • Unlock Potential: Your support unlocks potential, fosters growth, and encourages students to excel both inside and outside the classroom.
Student Development
  • Holistic Growth: Your donations fuel holistic student development - Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) by supporting arts, sports, and leadership initiatives, fostering growth in all aspects of their lives.
  • Eliminate Barriers: Your contributions empower students with disadvantaged backgrounds to fully engage in CCA, relieving them from the need to juggle part-time jobs during term time.
  • Create Tomorrow: Cultivate tomorrow’s leaders, irrespective of their backgrounds, by empowering them with skills that extend far beyond their academic journey.

Ways to give

If you are interested in donating a larger amount (above $1,500 for Financial Aid / above $3,000 for Scholarship or Student Development), please email

What our students say

Lee Joven

Wan Fook Kong Scholar

I'm Lee Joven, a Year 3 student in the Diploma in Integrated Facility Management. When my Careperson, Mr. Patrick Phang, told me about the financial assistance that is available, I was initially sceptical. But receiving the Wan Fook Kong Scholarship for 2022 and 2023 has been life-changing for me.


Moke Beng Liat

Seah Moon Ming Scholar

I'm Beng Liat, a proud TP alumnus with a Diploma in Aerospace Electronics with Merit and the course silver medal to my name. When I stumbled upon the financial assistance options on TP's website, little did I know that The Seah Moon Ming Scholarship would transform my life so profoundly.


Nur Syakirah Bte Abdul Rahman

Government Bursary Holder
Overseas Academic Link Scholar

I'm Nur Syakirah Bte Abdul Rahman, a grateful alumna of the Diploma in Apparel Design and Merchandising at TP. My first year was marked by an unimaginable hardship—my dad suffered a heart attack, and my mum was diagnosed with a mild stroke. Overnight, our family's financial stability crumbled like a house of cards.


Partner us

Shape your business with us

We can help your organisation solve problem statements, gain a competitive advantage and transform ideas into innovation to make an economic and societal impact. Work with us through the various engagement models, i.e. research collaboration, licensing, projects and consultancy.

Upskill your staff to be future-ready

Discover the wide range of courses and executive training programmes offered by our Temasek SkillsFuture Academy (TSA). We have the expertise to recommend, design and conduct customised courses and workshops to meet the needs of your organisation.

Engage our students, your future workforce

Profile your company and make an impression on the potential entrants in the competitive hiring landscape. Come share your experience at our career talks, be an exhibitor at our Career Fairs, and host student visits (learning journeys) at your facilities. Hire our graduates through our TP job portal now. 

Open up more talent options

We welcome you as our partner-in-training, both in Singapore or overseas. Our students could be attached to your organisation for real-life work experiences. Tap on fresh ideas and new perspectives for your business, scout for potential future hires and groom young talents – all at the same time. 


Sponsor the next generation of leaders

Be a donor and make a difference. Raise your company's profile and secure the best up-and-coming students by sponsoring scholarships and awards. Your donation to bursaries will also uplift the life of our financially needy students and help them fulfil their potential. Support our students with a one-off or renewable donation.