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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department helps all TP students build their enterprising skills such as overcoming the fear of failure, pushing boundaries, solving problems creatively, capitalizing on opportunities and persevering to fruition. This entrepreneurial and innovative mindset will benefit the students in life and in any career that they choose.


The department’s vision is to nurture, groom and grow successful entrepreneurs and innovators. For those with aspirations to start up, we will help them refine their innovations to fit target consumers’ wants and achieve their entrepreneurship dreams in the marketplace.


The department’s mission:

  1. Provide high-quality entrepreneurship and innovation training programs:

    • ‘Innova’ core module on innovation and entrepreneurship for all students.
    • ‘Guided Learning’ program to kick-start students’ startup planning under an experienced lecturer.
    • Accelerator Bootcamp, an intense immersion camp on starting up fundamentals.
    • Business Growth Workshop Series on topics such as consumer research, sales, and marketing.
    • Pitch training for various startup funding schemes.
  2. Offer cutting-edge facilities to support students’ entrepreneurship and innovation ventures:

    • Hot desking, offices, meeting rooms and ideation rooms.
    • MakerSpace+ (digital media, sound/music room, metal/wood works, electronics, digital and software development, fabric/paper/leather/plastics fabrication, tailoring, laser cutting, 3D printing)
    • Event spaces (seminars, pitching, networking, performances, fashion shows).
  3. Give professional entrepreneurship and innovation guidance, inspiration and networking:

    • Business guidance by experienced mentors with many years of experience on management, ideation, commercialization, funding, business launch, operations, and exits.
    • Networking with alumni entrepreneurs, SME network, and industry experts.
    • Inspiring Entrepreneurs Sharing Series.
    • Overseas partners link up.

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If you have the aspiration to innovate, commercialize your innovations or startup, write to i&e@tp.edu.sg for an appointment.


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In TP, we want our students to be future-oriented, ready for forthcoming challenges and changing needs of the workplace. Regardless of whether students are looking for employment or starting their businesses, it is essential that we equip them with the fundamentals of innovation and the entrepreneurship mindset.


1) TPFun - Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Innova):

This subject is for students from all disciplines, to motivate them towards innovation in their chosen field or beyond. Students will leverage the ‘LEAN Startup’ methodology to validate customer feedbacks on their innovations before commercializing them. The course covers the fundamental building blocks of a successful startup ranging from ideation, prototype building, customer validation, business model canvas testing, and crowdfunding.



  • Learners will develop an innovative mindset in exploring opportunities and solving real-life challenges with Design Thinking, a human-centric innovation approach.
  • Students will sharpen their skills in building simple prototypes to test and validate their ideas.
  • Students will gain an entrepreneurial mindset, and work in teams to turn their ideas into commercially viable offerings.


2) Guided Learning in Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

This advanced module develops students’ entrepreneurship and innovation skills further, where they will work on refining their prototype and do a deeper market feasibility study using the LEAN startup methodology.



  • This module trains students to improve their innovations further to fit target consumers’ wants.
  • Students will develop a robust business plan that prepares for market launch.


3) Hackathons:

Students will participate in Hackathon competitions, where they will craft and pitch creative solutions to actual challenges faced by various industries and companies.

Temasek Launchpad Support

The Temasek Launchpad building contains various facilities to support I&E activities.


  • The Makerspace+ facility contains equipment for prototyping or product development including digital media, electronics, digital & software development, fabric/paper/leather/plastics fabrication, wood/metal work, tailoring, music production, laser cutting, and 3D printing.  
  • 18 Incubation rooms can be taken up as offices by TP entrepreneurs.  
  • There are also event spaces, hot desking co-work facilities, meeting and ideation rooms for networking and collaboration opportunities.


Click here for directions on how to find us on the campus map.


Facilities Support
Incubation Facilities
Hotdesking Facilties
Event Spaces
Mentorship Support

We guide you step-by-step towards creating your very own small business. No matter which stage you are in, from newbie to experienced, we have programs and facilities to meet your needs.


There are five stages that we can help entrepreneurs and innovators:


We have a growing list of esteemed, experienced and expert Entrepreneurs-in-Residence mentors to advise you. 


They are:

  • Patrick Khor, Group CEO/iBosses Ltd
  • David Cheang, CEO/DC13 Development Pte Ltd
  • Eddie Lee, Group CEO/New Union Group
  • Marc Ng, CEO/Berrylite Pte Ltd
  • SC Cheong, CEO/Mdesign Pte Ltd
  • Lim Chin Hong, Managing Partner/Green Meadows Pte Ltd


Email i&e@tp.edu.sg with your business idea and needs.

Funding Support

StartupSG Founder, a grant scheme by SPRING Singapore, aims to provide mentorship support and startup capital grant to first-time entrepreneurs with innovative business concepts. The scheme provides up to $30,000 by matching $3 to every $1 raised by the startup. 


High potential technopreneurs and tech startups can also benefit from mentorships by Accredited Mentor Partners (AMPs) from the private sector.


Find out more information on the grant. 

APPLY NOW. Complete the form and email it to i&e@tp.edu.sg

The VentureForGood (VFG) fund is an initiative by the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE) to raise awareness on social entrepreneurship and increase support for social enterprises in Singapore.


raiSE will provide a range of services to help social enterprises in early to mature stages, such as funding, business advisory, training, relevant resources, and network contacts.

We have other funds available to suit different types of entrepreneurship and startups at various stages of development.


Email i&e@tp.edu.sg to find out more.


Success Stories

Over the years, TP’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department has produced many successful entrepreneurs. We are confident that future TP entrepreneurs will continue to keep this entrepreneurial culture alive.


Discover some of these entrepreneurs.


View stories of 20 successful entrepreneurs in the 'BOLD' online flip book.

Refer to our new ‘BOLD 2’ book for even more inspiring stories of successful TP entrepreneurs.


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