Our Partners in Education

Are your students looking to pursue a polytechnic education? Or are you on the lookout for activities to engage your students? We’ve put together a list of resources just for you.

Enrichment Activities

Learning Journeys
Our learning journeys are specifically tailored to your school's management team and teachers. Tour our facilities and experience our brand of education as you interact closely with our senior management team and academic staff. It’s also a great opportunity to explore future collaborations to solidify our ties as partners-in-education.


Advanced Elective Modules (AEMs)
These are applied modules conducted by TP lecturers to enhance the learning experience of secondary school students through practice-oriented approaches. Each AEM will allow students to discover their strengths and interests and have a taste of how polytechnic courses are conducted. Upon completion, it will be reflected in the student’s School Holistic Report Card at the end of each school year.


TP is happy to participate in your school’s Career Day, talks and exhibitions. Please provide us with details here and we will get back to you.



TP has a beautiful campus! Find out for yourself through this virtual campus tour!


Global opportunities bring global perspectives and we continue to enable our students to learn beyond our shores, with various experiences outside the classroom.

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