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Course Withdrawal Procedures

1.       If you have enrolled and wish to withdraw, you have to submit the withdrawal form to Student Services before course commencement (for new students) or the start of a new semester (for existing students) to avoid fee implication.

2.      For existing students: If the request for withdrawal is submitted on or after the following period, it will only be processed after the release of the semester’s examination results and applicable only to those whose student status remains active.

Non-Design students Design students
Start of Study Week**

Start of Vacation after Block 4 of the School of Design Block Calendar **

** Please refer to the Academic Calendar

3.       The effective date of the withdrawal will be determined by the Registrar after all the requirements stated on the withdrawal form have been compiled with.


4.       Information on the policy related to fee charges is available below.

5.       If you have received a Higher Education Community Bursary or Higher Education Bursary for the current Academic Year, you are required to pay back 50% of the bursary amount if the effective date of your withdrawal is in Semester 1 or within the first week of Semester 2.

6.       If you have received a scholarship for the current Academic Year, you are required to pay back the full amount of the scholarship.

Policy Related to Fee Charges for Withdrawal


1.     Do I still need to pay any fees if I want to withdraw from the course of study?

The fee payable depends on the effective date of withdrawal as follows :

  Effective Date of Withdrawal Fee Payable
i) Before the start and up to first day of the semester $50.00 for Administration Fee (applicable to new students only)
ii) After 1st day and within the 1st week of the semester 25% of applicable *Tuition Fees Payable (inclusive of GST if GST is not subsidised) + 100% of Other Fees (excluding 100% of Sports fee, Exam fee and Miscellaneous fees).
iii) After the 1st week of the semester 100% of applicable *Tuition Fee Payable (inclusive of GST if GST is not subsidised) + 100% of Other Fees.


Important Note:

*SPR and IS who decided to apply for Tuition Grant (TG), you must submit an on-line application for TG scheme at the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) website and complete the execution of your TG Agreement with MOE by the stipulated deadline before you are granted TG. You are required to pay the non-subsidised Tuition Fee applicable based on the effective date of withdrawal if you withdraw from your course of study prior to the execution of the TG Agreement.


*SPR and IS who are awarded TG and withdraw from their course without graduating are liable for Liquidated Damages for the TG received for their course of study. Students are strongly advised to consider the implications, especially financial implications, before early withdrawal from their course.


2.     Will the Polytechnic refund excess payment made by me if I have withdrawn from the course?

If the payment made by you is more than the actual fees computed as per the table in Question 1, the excess amount will be refunded either:

  • to you if it is paid by your own fund or

  • to your account with the respective Financial Scheme Organisations if the payment comes from the FS Organisations

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