Welcome To TP Alumni

Welcome to TP Alumni

About TP Alumni Division


The Alumni Division helps our alumni stay engaged and connected with TP beyond graduation. We foster affinity, cultivate warm ties, and build a cohesive alumni body through our diverse array of programmes and services. We welcome you to experience a vibrant community of talents and passions, shape and celebrate our milestones, and support TP in our journey of moulding future generations of leaders.


Contact/follow us via the following channels to stay connected with TP!


Hotline: +65 6780 5656

Email: alumni@tp.edu.sg

Facebook: www.facebook.com/temasekpolyalumni

Instagram: www.instagram.com/temasekpolyalumni

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/school/temasek-polytechnic/

TP Alumni Membership & Services

TP Alumni Membership & Services

As a TP alumnus, you are part of our valued family of more than 100,000 graduates from all walks of life. We are committed to your continuous professional development and personal enrichment through a host of benefits, privileges and services, available exclusively for alumni.


(Note: We are pleased to inform you that our campus sports facilities are now reopened for use! Please click the link below to find out more.)

Planning for post-National Service

Get a head start preparing for your future by having a chat with TP's experienced education and career coaches. TP Career Services Centre offers a range of services such as Education and Career Guidance services to help our students and alumni make informed career and further education decisions.

Skills Upgrading and Mastery


The Temasek SkillsFuture Academy (TSA) is committed to SkillsFuture initiatives and the professional development of adult learners.


For further education and career development resources, visit Student Support and Career Services.

Contribute Your Time, Effort or Expertise

Student Internship Programme

The Student Internship Programme (SIP) provides students with the opportunity to relate their academic learning to a practical work environment, which will facilitate their entry into the workforce in future. If you would like to groom young talents, we welcome you to be our partner for the SIP.


Overseas Student Internship Programme

The Overseas Student Internship Programme (OSIP) is conducted in industries beyond Singapore. Students are able to gain an international outlook and a global mindset, while experiencing an overseas working stint. If you would like to develop students in this area, we invite you to be our partner for the OSIP.


Alumni Interest Groups

If you had fond memories of your time spent in your CCA, why not continue your passion as an alumnus? By setting up or joining interest groups, you can create an exciting network of alumni connected by shared experiences, engage with alumni of common interests, and contribute to our vibrant culture in TP. Drop us a line at alumni@tp.edu.sg for a further discussion on how we can advance your interest! 


Career Opportunities

As alumni, you can provide intimate insights into the working world, enrich your juniors’ experiences through industry talks, participate in the TP Opportunity Fair as employers, and partner us to provide career opportunities for our students. Let’s keep resources to within the TP family!


Mentorship Programme

In life, we could all benefit from an inspiring mentor to guide us through unchartered waters. Share your expertise by participating in our Mentorship Programme. Invest in the professional development of our students, provide coaching support for them, and help shape them into future industry leaders. 


Student Enrichment Programmes (Talks/Workshops/Learning Journeys)

Whether it is hosting student visits at your facilities, or sharing your experiences at career talks, industry seminars or professional development workshops, the possibilities to offer your expertise are endless. Share your wealth of knowledge, skills and insights today!