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About Alumni


Our Vision 

A vibrant, connected and engaged alumni community, where members feel a strong sense of belonging and institutional pride as graduates of TP.


Our Mission 

To foster warm and sustained relations between our alumni and TP, and nurture reciprocal and lifelong relationships centred on common trust, support and aspirations.


Our Purpose

As part of the Student Development & Alumni Affairs Department, the Alumni Division offers a diverse plethora of programmes that seeks to engage our alumni in various stages of their life, and to fulfil their needs across the following domains:


  • Network Building
  • Professional Development
  • Personal Enrichment
  • Community Service

Besides engagement programmes, we strive to create a robust culture of giving among our alumni in symbiotic ways that are aligned to their personal beliefs and values, as well as meet TP’s student support and developmental needs. 


Through strategic collaborations and strong partnerships – internal and external – we are also committed to building an active alumni community, which members are proud to be a part of.

Director's Message


Dear Alumni,


A warm welcome to the Temasek Polytechnic Alumni Family.


While exemplary students are often the hallmarks of a good educational institution, at TP, we believe that a vibrant, active and engaged alumni community can equally define our success. 


In this connection, we are very proud of all our graduates who have passed through TP’s doors over the years. We hope that you too, will regard your time spent on campus as nothing short of inspiring and transformational, and the friendships forged as fond memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.


The Alumni Division is committed to our work of fostering lifelong relationships with you, and in helping to support you in your personal growth after TP. At this platform, you can keep abreast of the latest developments in TP, learn about the events organised for you, find out about your benefits and privileges as alumni, and check out the further education options and career opportunities available. We hope that you will have a rewarding experience exploring this site, and be inspired to stay connected with TP.


As graduates who have benefitted from the TP experience, we also encourage you to pay it forward and join us in our journey of grooming future generations of students. You can give back through various modes (monetary or in kind), and your contributions – big or small – will go a long way to support the aspirational and developmental needs of TP and our students. This site provides further information on the conduits that you can gift to TP.


To assist us in serving you better, we have made provision for you to update your personal particulars through this site. This will ensure that you are kept regularly informed of the recent developments in TP via our communication channels. 


We hope that you will find the resources provided here beneficial, and use them judiciously to develop your professional competencies as well as foster a sense of community with your fellow alumni. We also hope that TP will continue to be a home for you to return and meet your former lecturers, alumni friends and juniors. 


Please continue to walk this journey with us, and support our work in moulding future generations to come!


Paul Yap (Mr)

Director, Student Development & Alumni Affairs

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