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In Temasek Polytechnic, we conduct cross-disciplinary collaboratory applied research projects with partners across various sectors.  Our technology development efforts are focused around the following Technology Clusters:

We have also identified Analytical Science, AR/VR, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Internet-of-Things and Machine Learning as Enabling Technologies that will support the development of the above four Technology Clusters.

Agri-Food Technology 

Temasek Polytechnic recognises the need to support the local aquaculture industry and contribute to the national initiative to ensure resilience in the supply of food fish. At the same time, the Agri-Food Technology Cluster also aims to address our population needs for healthier food options as our nation declares war on diabetes.  


Our Centre for Aquaculture and Veterinary Science, appointed by the APEC Policy Partnership for Food Security as one of its Technology Resource Centres, has one of the most advanced facilities for aquaculture research in Singapore. Temasek Polytechnic also houses the Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC), which is a Centre of Innovation set up with the support of Enterprise Singapore and together with a consortium of research institutes, agencies, universities and polytechnics. AIC aims to support and develop Singapore's aquaculture industry with the aim of enhancing farming productivity.


Temasek Polytechnic’s Centre for Applied Nutrition Services also houses the first and only Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC)-SINGLAS accredited Glycemic Index (GI) testing laboratory in this region.

Applied Diagnostics

This Technology Cluster has developed strong expertise in various types of diagnostic platforms for applications in humans, animals and food.  These capabilities reside in our Aquaculture Innovation Centre, Centre for Aquaculture & Veterinary Science and Healthcare Engineering Centre, where our scientists and engineers from the School of Applied Science and School of Engineering work collaboratively with the industry, hospitals, farms and regulatory bodies to develop readily deployable diagnostics solutions.

Intelligent Systems

Leveraging on robotics, additive manufacturing and advanced manufacturing technologies, Temasek Polytechnic develops solutions for industries to enhance their product value and productivity, and support our manufacturing industry towards Industry 4.0.  The research work is conducted by multi-disciplinary teams from our Advanced Manufacturing Centre, Robotics & Automation Centre and TP-Digital Fabrication & Additive Manufacturing Centre, where our engineers and scientists integrate their core domain knowledge with data analytics, machine learning and Internet-of-Things, to develop cutting-edge industrial solutions.  

Tech Offers


  1. Autonomous Transporter

  2. Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) Measurement System

  3. Smart Lifestyle 3D Printer

  4. Smart Telemetry for Battery Power System of e-Mobility

  5. Wireless Synchronized Clock System


Contact us and we will be happy to discuss licensing opportunities for the above technologies with you.

Sustainable Development Technology

In Sustainable Development Technology, we have developed strong capabilities in energy systems and sustainable materials through our staff from the School of Applied Science and School of Engineering. TP’s Clean Energy Research Centre is the leading centre in Singapore for fuel cell research, and technologies related to flow battery, solid-state power electronics, as well as energy efficiency and management. Together with our experts in materials science, construction technology and nanotechnology from our Centre for Urban Sustainability, TP offers an integrated approach to our industry partners in the provision of advanced sustainable technologies. 


Through consultancy projects, our staff from the School of Applied Science, School of Business, School of Design, School of Engineering, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, and School of Informatics & IT, make available their knowledge and expertise to external partners, including companies, public agencies and community groups. 


These consultancy projects are conducted through Temasek Polytechnic’s wholly own subsidiary, TP Innovation Holdings Pte Ltd and our Centres of Excellence.


Areas of consultancy can range from science, engineering and information technology, to business, design, social sciences and humanities.

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  • Research and Technology Development Department
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