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School of Applied Science

Join the School of Applied Science to gear up for a rewarding career in the vibrant healthcare, food, chemical and life sciences industries.


To foster interdisciplinary learning and ensure a strong foundation, all Year 1 students take on a common curriculum which extends their learning across different technical domains of science.


Here, you will benefit from work-based learning, internships, project collaborations, as well as research work, You will also get to hone your skills working in the Learning Enterprises, which are facilities simulating real-world work environments. These include the TP Animal Clinic & Wellness, and the Bistro Lab Cafeteria.


Elective Clusters are offered in Year 3. These are for you to either select your specialisation area or get cross-trained in other disciplines, which will enhance your multi-domain exposure and learning experience. You may also participate in the Differential eXperiential Programme (DXP), which offers opportunities for you to deepen or broaden your skills across domains.


Be among future technologists and aspiring scientists who will collectively make the world a healthier, greener and better place!


Nurturing Tomorrow’s Scientists


Diploma Courses

Begin your journey with us.  Select from our 5 ability-driven diplomas or take up the Common Science Programme that provides you the opportunity to explore and discover your passion to pursue your dream career!

Common Science Programme (T70)

Are you passionate about science, but need more time and opportunities to dip your toes into the various science disciplines before making your choice...

2022 Planned Intake: 150
Diploma in Chemical Engineering (T33)

Chemical engineers play a key role in ensuring environmental sustainability and addressing global issues like poverty and disease. This multidisciplinary field brings together mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and engineering to understand how raw materials are processed to...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 6 - 15 points
2022 Planned Intake: 150
Diploma in Food, Nutrition & Culinary Science (T26)

Have you ever wanted to experiment with local favourites, such as chicken rice or roti prata, and give them a healthier makeover? Are you curious about...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 8 - 14 points
2022 Planned Intake: 70
Diploma in Medical Biotechnology (T64)

Have you wondered about the science behind COVID-19 PCR tests? The diagnostic tests are developed by research technologists and used by medical technologists...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 3 - 10 points
2022 Planned Intake: 100
Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science (T25)

Medicines affect our quality of life on a daily basis. We take aspirin for headaches or apply topical antibiotics on cuts and knee scrapes. With the continual...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 7 - 11 points
2022 Planned Intake: 100
Diploma in Veterinary Technology (T45)

Turn your love for animals into a career and enjoy every day that you work! This course combines theory with hands-on experience to equip you with the...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2022 JAE): 3 - 10 points
2022 Planned Intake: 70

Academic Calendar

AY2022/2023 Academic Calendar (except for School of Design)

April Semester Period October Semester Period
Term 1 18 Apr – 12 Jun 2022 Term 3 17 Oct – 18 Dec 2022
Term Break 13 Jun – 26 Jun 2022 Term Break 19 Dec 2022 – 2 Jan 2023
Term 2 27 Jun – 14 Aug 2022 Term 4 3 Jan – 12 Feb 2023
Study Week 15 Aug – 21 Aug 2022 Study Week 13 Feb – 19 Feb 2023
Semestral Examinations 22 Aug – 2 Sep 2022 Semestral Examinations
20 Feb – 3 Mar 2023
Vacation 3 Sep – 16 Oct 2022 Vacation 4 Mar – 16 Apr 2023

Make-up classes could be arranged for lessons missed on eve of public holiday/public holiday.

April Mid-Semester Test : 6 Jun – 10 Jun 2022
October Mid-Semester Test : 12 Dec – 16 Dec 2022


Discover some meaningful projects that help prepare our students for a rewarding career in the healthcare, food, chemical and life sciences industries.

Awards & Scholarships

ASC prides itself with the many achievements garnered by our students in both their academic and non-academic pursuits.

Centres of Excellence

Working synergistically to achieve optimal growth, ASC’s centres of excellence/innovation help to provide solutions to meet the needs of their related industries, whilst providing real-life opportunities through interdisciplinary learning for both staff and students.

About School of Applied Science

Find out more about us and what we do at ASC.


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