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School Of Informatics & IT 

The influence of Information Technology (IT) is all around us - in mobile apps, e-Learning lessons, computer security applications and digital games. Here you will harness the power of IT to improve business processes, ensure efficiency and enrich lives.


You will receive a strong foundation in IT and specialise in areas like big data, analytics, cybersecurity, game design, artificial intelligence and software development.


Through our Student Internship Programme, you will gain work experience locally or overseas. This will prepare you well as an IT professional and give you an edge when you seek employment.


Resource for EAE Applicants: https://www.nyc.gov.sg/omw/resources

Diploma Courses

Common ICT Programme (T63)

There is a ton of tech career options out there. So, how do you decide which is the perfect fit for you? Simple, with this course! The Common ICT Programme...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 4 - 16 points
2021 Planned Intake: 175
Diploma in Applied Artificial Intelligence (T69)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest growing areas in the world today. This is because businesses are rushing to leverage AI to do things...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 5 - 11 points
2021 Planned Intake: 45
Diploma in Big Data & Analytics (T60)

Just how big is Big Data? It is massive! Did you know that Amazon uses big data to start the product delivery process even before the customer clicks...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 5 - 13 points
2021 Planned Intake: 50
Diploma in Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics (T62)

This course places you at the forefront of Singapore’s fight against cyber-crime and hackers. Our curriculum will give you an insight into various types...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 6 - 13 points
2021 Planned Intake: 150
Diploma in Game Design & Development (T58)

Are you bored with your computer games? Have you ever wanted to create a more challenging and exciting game, with an all-powerful Avatar and interesting...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 6 - 13 points
2021 Planned Intake: 50
Diploma in Information Technology (T30)

Driverless cars today, flying cars tomorrow. This is a real possibility with Information Technology (IT). IT influences nearly every aspect of human activity...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2021 JAE): 6 - 16 points
2021 Planned Intake: 75

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar AY2021/2022

April Semester Period October Semester Period
Term 1 19 Apr – 13 Jun 2021 Term 3 18 Oct - 19 Dec 2021
Term Break 14 Jun - 27 Jun 2021 Term Break 20 Dec 2021 - 02 Jan 2022
Term 2 28 Jun - 15 Aug 2021 Term 4 03 Jan - 13 Feb 2022
Study Week 16 Aug - 22 Aug 2021 Study Week 14 Feb - 20 Feb 2022
Semestral Examinations 23 Aug - 3 Sep 2021 Semestral Examinations
21 Feb - 4 Mar 2022
Vacation 4 Sep - 17 Oct 2021 Vacation 5 Mar - 17 Apr 2022

Make-up classes could be arranged for lessons missed on eve of public holiday/public holiday.

April Mid-Semester Test : 7 Jun – 11 Jun 2021.
October Mid-Semester Test : 13 Dec – 17 Dec 2021.

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