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Centres under School of Informatics & IT


To ensure that the graduates of Temasek Polytechnic School of Informatics & IT will continue to remain relevant, the School has developed a wide range of niche facilities to better prepare our students for the world of work. Our Specialist Centres and Learning Enterprises are developed to emulate up-to-date industry operations and to facilitate industrial collaboration and consultancy. The School is proud of its state-of-the-art facilities which provide a conducive environment for enhancing the professional and academic capability of our staff and students.

AI Application Centre

The AI Application Centre provides a showcase of projects developed by staff and students that demonstrate the innovative application of AI. This is an exciting space where visitors are able to appreciate the power and value of AI technologies.


Agile IT Solutions Centre

This Centre is a Learning Enterprise where staff, students and industry engage in providing solutions to real-life business and organisational challenges by developing solutions using Agile methodologies and design thinking. The use of Agile methodologies help improve productivity in developing IT solutions, demonstrating in the process a keen sensitivity and responsiveness to user needs.


Innovation & Research Centre

This Centre is a Learning Enterprise for staff, students and industry to work together on translational research and innovation projects. It will host and enable participants to pursue applied industry research and participate in programmes that will help commercialise their innovations. The Centre’s goal is to support participation in Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) projects to nurture innovative scientists, IT engineers and competent IT professionals, through funded projects.


TP-Nvidia AI Technology Centre (TP-NVAITC)

The TP-Nvidia AI Technology Centre (TP-NVAITC) facilitates engagement on industry projects using Deep/Machine Learning and AI technologies, and Nvidia’s GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) platform. This is the only centre that Nvidia has set up at a polytechnic in Singapore.


Data Science Hub

The Data Science Hub comprises four labs where students pick up essential knowledge and skills in the data science process, namely Data Acquisition, Data Understanding, Data Preparation and Data Modelling. The Hub also features projects developed by staff and students that showcase how data science and analytics support our daily lives. It includes the following facilities.

Analytics Innovation Centre

Established in collaboration with SAS Institute, this Centre provides the latest infrastructure, facilities, software, and datasets to facilitate learning of comprehensive business intelligence and analytics skill sets in a data-rich environment. This Centre is capable of supporting the end-to-end business analytics life cycle, and focuses on areas such as business intelligence, data mining, social media analytics and predictive analytics. It also promotes industry collaboration and capability building by enabling students and staff to undertake relevant industry projects, and conduct applied research and development in advanced analytics.


TP-TIBCO Financial Analytics Centre

This facility is equipped with the latest advanced analytics and data governance software and solutions to support multiple domains in banking, government services, and logistics. It provides students a rare learning opportunity that leverages machine learning and how it is applied in the real world. Solutions provided include Fraud Detection, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Dynamic Pricing. The Centre also provides students enterprise-class real-time technology for their projects and assignments with industry.

App Experience Hub

The App Experience Hub provides an excellent environment for students to create business applications and immersive media solutions for clients. It comprises the following facilities.

IT Security & Forensics Hub

This Hub comprises the following facilities dedicated to nurturing competent cybersecurity & digital forensics professionals:

Operational Technology (OT) Security Lab

In today’s world, hackers can attack valuable infrastructure such as our airport control systems, train systems, water supply or electricity grids. Imagine the chaos that could arise if a hacker attacks our train system and halts or re-routes our trains. Operational Technology (OT) Security enables us to know when an attack is about to take place, how to prevent the attack, and how to protect our infrastructure from future attacks. This facility has been set up in collaboration with Cisco Systems (USA) Pte Ltd, Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd and Panasonic Singapore.

Temasek Advanced Learning, Nurturing and Testing Laboratory (TALENT Lab)

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Temasek Polytechnic have jointly collaborated to set up the Temasek Advanced Learning, Nurturing and Testing Laboratory (TALENT Lab) to groom cybersecurity and forensics professionals. The TALENT Lab provides a conducive and realistic environment for students to practice their ‘defend and protect’ skillsets through near real-life cybersecurity scenario simulations. Students also learn how to design and validate their innovations in dealing with the latest cyber-threats. This practical approach prepares students well for future careers in cyber security and digital forensics.

TP-IBM Technology Experience Centre

The TP-IBM Technology Experience Centre provides training for students on Cloud Computing, Cloud Security and DevOps using IBM’s Hybrid Cloud Enterprise Computing technology. Real world problem statements are provided by IBM as projects for students to work on with guidance and consultancy from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the Industry. Students will also have access to IBM’s Education Course Learning materials and they will be able to test-bed new cloud platform solutions and innovations to enhance their skills in the Centre.

Malware Analysis Centre

The Malware Analysis Centre at Temasek Polytechnic is the first of its kind in an educational institution in Southeast Asia. It focuses on the detection and identification of malware, and forensics investigations. The Centre is unique as it functions as a Learning Enterprise where students support walk-in clients at the Centre using leading industry technologies and processes. This Centre is also unique as it has been set up in collaboration with three leading companies in the area of cybersecurity: ST Engineering, Palo Alto Networks and CrowdStrike. These industry leads impart knowledge and skills in handling and analysing malware and operations at the Centre.

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