Amidst challenging economic conditions, rising competition and disruption from technological advances, the School of Applied Science (ASC) has been rapidly developing capabilities in two growth areas that are in support of our nation’s research, innovation and enterprise focus areas. 

Working synergistically to achieve optimal growth, ASC’s centres of excellence/ innovation, technical domains, and learning enterprises, contribute towards this Agrotech Microecosystem @ TP to provide solutions to meet the industry’s needs.

Centres Under School Of Applied Science

Centre for Applied Nutrition Services (CANS) 

CANS provides both consultancy services and training programmes in food, nutrition and culinary applications to the food, nutrition and F&B-related industries. With our integrated team of experts with a wealth of experience in nutrition, food and culinary sciences, we offer a suite of consultancy services in the area of low Glycemic Index (GI) product development and testing, and have been in the forefront of both in vivo and in vitro GI testing since 2001. 

Centre for Aquaculture & Veterinary Science (CAVS) 

CAVS is an innovative and technology-driven centre established to meet the needs of the aquaculture, biomedical research and veterinary industries. Our Researchers and experienced academic staff promote collaborative R&D via an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to provide innovative solutions for the respective industry.


Centre for Research & Opportunities in Plant Science (CROPS) 

CROPS conducts leading research targeted at enhancing food security through increased farm productivity and sustainability of cropping systems.  With our integrated research capabilities and strong collaborative partnerships with the industry and government bodies, we are able to synergise and meet challenges in plant science at a national and international level. CROPS has two key domains, Plant Biotechnology and Nutraceuticals.

Centre for Urban Sustainability (CUS)

CUS focuses on two R&D thrusts of Solid Waste Management and Recycling for Strategic Building Materials, and Food Waste Reduction and Recycling. With the mission to achieve sustainability in resource management and production through materials innovation, our capabilities include R&D at the national level; value-added industry engagement; and alignment of research and service with education.

Centre of Innovation for Complementary Health Products (COI-CHP) 

A national Centre that promotes and advances evidence-based approaches for complementary health products. Our scientific work aims to support companies in the fields of Traditional Medicines, Health Supplements, and Functional Foods.

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