Student Life

Co-Curricular Activities

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TP’s scenic campus belies the hive of youthful energy that throbs within it. With a student population of around 14,000, there is a huge amount of creative energy on campus that is unleashed through many student-led activities including arts performances, project displays showcasing the latest innovative ideas, student DJs broadcasting the latest hits, and entrepreneurial activities by students. TP is a hub of intellectual and creative activities all-year round!

This exciting hub is the result of our commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience that not only maximizes our students’ academic learning, but also contributes to their personal enrichment and growth.

Life as a TP student is as exciting and enriching as the student wants it to be, whether they are interested in academic excellence, developing their sports or leadership potential or perfecting their cultural pursuits. There is a myriad of opportunities to hone and showcase their talents and interests.

Global experiences also await our students as we work to provide more opportunities for them to go abroad for internships, community service and study trips.