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TP Cares

At TP, your welfare matters to us. You will find an array of support services and resources to help you through your journey to make the most of your polytechnic education.

Campus Care Network (CCN)

CCN has been developed to emphasise personal contact and rapport between lecturers and students, to create a family-like environment, and to maintain a caring culture so as to ensure students’ personal growth. The CCN Day Carnival, held twice a year, brings the entire polytechnic together in the spirit of caring and sharing. Staff and students collaborate to set up stalls to raise funds for TP’s students in need of financial aid.

CCN Financial Schemes


  • CCN Financial Assistance Scheme
    Immediate financial help will be given to students who face a crisis situation such as death, retrenchment, serious illness or accident of a loved one in the family.
  • CCN Emergency Scheme
    Eligible students will receive assistance worth up to $300 per month for up to 4 months.

For more information about the schemes, please click here.


At TP, your welfare matters to us. You will find an array of support services and resources to help you through your journey to make the most of your polytechnic education.


Student Care

The Student Care team comprises of qualified counsellors who are always ready to lend a listening ear to the students' concerns and worries about academic progress, adjustment to life in a polytechnic, relationships or family problems. Students with financial difficulties can approach the counsellors for the various financial assistance schemes available in the polytechnic. Be it emotional, financial or social, we are right behind you in the journey of change and growth.


Making Inquiry & Appointment


Tel:  6780 5959
Email: care@tp.edu.sg
Opening hours:

Mon – Fri (8.30 am – 5.30 pm)

(closed on Weekends & Public Holidays)


Peer Support Workshop
Mental Health Roadshow
Beyond The Label Festival
Crisis Hotline (After office hours)

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), 1-767 (24 hours), 9151 1767 (WhatsApp)


Care Corner Helpline (Mandarin), 1800-3535 800 (10am – 10pm)


Family Service Center (ComCare), 1800 222 0000 (7am – 12midnight)


IMH Emergency Helpline:  6389 2000 (24 hours)


If you require emergency services because of a life-threatening situation, please call 999 or 995. If you require urgent care after office hours and on weekends, please contact the hospital emergency department nearest your home.


TP drives inclusivity and promotes a culture of openness, understanding and mutual support for students to achieve a holistic educational experience, attain independent living skills and meaningful employment upon graduation. The SEN Support in Student Support and Career Services (SSCS) offers services and support for students with disabilities / special educational needs. Disabilities and special needs may include the following conditions:


  • Physical and Sensory Difficulties (e.g. physical impairment, hearing loss and vision loss)

  • Social and Behavioural Difficulties (e.g. autism spectrum disorder, ADHD)

  • Learning and Language Difficulties (e.g. dyslexia)

Support Services


  • Prospective Students
    Students with SEN may contact the Admissions Office or SEN Support for pre-admission course advisement.


  • Current Students
    SEN Support provides the following support to students with SEN:

    • Coordinate support with respective Academic Schools/Centres for students with greater needs, for example, to look into physical accessibility, sourcing for assistive devices, making special arrangements related to the teaching and learning process, and access arrangements for examinations.

    • Provide ongoing emotional support for students in transition or facing challenges.

    • Provide informational resources on financial assistance, internship and preparation for future employment.


  • Financial Support

    • The Ministry of Education (MOE) has set up a SEN Fund to help students with physical, hearing or visual impairment in the polytechnics. Eligible students with SEN can tap into the Fund to purchase Assistive Technology (AT) devices and support services.

    • Click here to download the SEN Fund form for more details on the eligibility criteria and application process.

Useful Information

*Disclosure of Information

Students are encouraged to disclose any SEN conditions upon admission. Full disclosure of conditions allows the Polytechnic to put in place appropriate support to meet individual’s learning needs. Personal information will be kept strictly confidential unless there are legal or safety concerns. While the SEN Support strives to facilitate support to meet specific needs under reasonable circumstances, it is equally important that students take ownership of their learning journey. Students may contact the SEN Support at any point in time to discuss necessary accommodations.


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Contact Us

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  • Student Support & Career Services / SEN Support

    Temasek Polytechnic

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