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The Centre of Innovation for Complementary Health Product (COI-CHP) was established in 2016 as a strategic partnership with Enterprise Singapore (formerly known as SPRING Singapore) to support Singapore-based Complementary Health Product (CHP) enterprises meet the growing challenges and technological advances. 


With a multi-disciplinary and research-intensive team, this national Centre offers innovative and customised solutions to enterprises in CHP product development that includes product formulation, chemical and biological analysis, as well as safety and efficacy testing.  The three categories of CHP are traditional medicines, health supplements and functional foods.


To support enterprises in the provision of innovative and customised solutions to enhance the safety, efficacy and quality standards of complementary health products.

Consultancy Services

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Research Capabilities


Research Highlights

A Quick and Novel Method to Certify Antioxidant Products by DPPH-LC-QTOF
Led by PI, Dr YANG HJong
Ministry of Education, Translational R&D & Innovation Fund

A Prototype of Colour Strip Aided by Smartphone Application to Quantitate Antioxidant Capacity of Food Products
Led by PI, Dr XUE Xuejia
Temasek Polytechnic Research Fund

Optimisation of Rosemary Extract Used as Preservative in Fish Oil
Led by PI, Dr YANG Hong
Temasek Polytechnic Research Fund

Herbal Product Development by 3D Skin Model and Liver-Immune co-Culture System for Skin Allergy
Led by PI, Dr LI Huan
Ministry of Education, Translational R&D Innovation Fund


  1. Li Huan, Lim Esther, Ang Gladys, Lim Zhi Qing, Cai Hui Martin, Loh Jo-anne, Ng Celine, Seetoh Peijia, Tian Feng Edmund, Goh Lay Beng. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of Arnebiae Radix and Dictamni Cortex and efficacy study of herbal extracts on allergic contact dermatitis using 3D human reconstructed epidermis. Chinese Herbal Medicines, 2021, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chmed.2021.10.006.

  2. Narayanasamy Sarawathi, Chan Kit Lun, Cai Hui Martin, Ahmad Hilman Bin Abdul Razak, Tay Boon Keat, Miao Huang. Biobutanol production from sugarcane bagasse by Clostridium beijerinckii strains. Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry, 2019, https://doi.org/10.1002/bab.1865.

  3. Yang Hong, Xue Xue Jia, Li Huan, Siti Norasikin Apandi, Tay-Chan Su Chin, Ong Seng Poon. Tian Edmund. The relative antioxidant activity and steric structure of green tea catechins–A kinetic approach. Food Chemistry, 2018, 257, 399-405.

  4. Chong Lor Huai, Li Huan, Isaac Wetzel, Cho Han Sang, Toh Yi Chin. A liver-immune coculture array for predicting systemic drug-induced skin sensitization. Lab on a Chip, 2018, 18, 3239-3250.

  5. Lee Kok Onn, Tian Feng Edmund, Cai Hui Martin, Wang Hong, Chan Yiong Huak, Sim Meng Kwoon. Bioavailability of Orally Administered Des-Aspartate-Angiotensin I in Human Subjects. Drugs R&D, 2018, 18, 51-54.

  6. Yang Hong, Xue Xue Jia, Li Huan, Tay-Chan Su Chin, Ong Seng Poon. Tian Feng, Edmund. A new parameter to simultaneously assess antioxidant activity for multiple phenolic compounds present in food products. Food Chemistry, 2017, 229, 215-222.

  7. Tian Feng Edmund, Li Huan, Cai Hui Martin, Kong Matthew. A Pressing Need: Standardisation of TCM Granule Products. Research & Reviews: Journal of Botanical Sciences, 2017, 6, 75-77.

  8. Li Huan, Yang Hong, Xue XueJia, Liu Xiao, Tian Feng, Poh Yan Hong, Cai Hao, Lee Yian Hoon, Yu Hanry, Ong Seng Poon, Cai Bao Chang. A Metabolomics Approach to Study the Dual Modulation by Characterization of Chemical Alteration during Processing of Gardeniae Fructus using UPLC-ESI-QTOF. Analytical Methods, 2016, 8, 3629-3635.


Education & Training

Specialist Diploma in Laboratory Management and Instrumentation


Enrol in this course to be exposed to the fundamental separation science behind various advanced techniques such as chromatography and mass spectrometry.  Gain awareness on the importance of ISO systems in the context of laboratory management and client servicing.


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