Completed Consultancy Projects

Chemical & Biological Analysis


  1. Chemical Profiling of Cordyceps by HPLC-QTOF-MS

  2. Chemical Analysis of a Health Supplement Drink to Ascertain its Quality and Safety

  3. Testing of pH stability of several Herbal Nano Products

  4. The Quantification of the Active Ingredients in Cordyceps and the Establishment of a Quality Standard for a Herbal Capsule

  5. HPLC Profiling and Quantification of Chemical Markers in a TCM formulation

  6. HPLC Profiling of a TCM Capsule Product

  7. Total Antioxidant Capacity Determination of Chitosan

  8. Test of Compost Derived from Microbial Catalyzed Food Waste

  9. Quantification of Caffeine and Its Five Metabolites in Human Urine and Plasma Samples by LC-QqQ to Phenotype CYP1A2

  10. Quantification of Omeprazole in Human Plasma by LC-MS/MS

  11. Validation of an Analytical Method for the Quantitation of dicyclo-prostaglandin E2

  12. Validation of an Analytical Method for the Quantitation of Prostaglandin E2; 13,14-dihydro-15-keto Prostaglandin E2; and 6-keto-Prostaglandin F1α in Human Plasma by LC-MS/MS

  13. Characterisation and Quantification of Malt Polyphenols by LC-MS/MS

  14. Product Characterisation of Liver Protector by Thin-layer Chromatography

  15. Determination of Ephedrine and Pseudo-ephedrine in Ultra-fine Herbal Powders by HPLC-UV

  16. Quantitative Estimation of Gymnemagenin in Gymnema Sylvestre Extract by using LC-Triple Quad-MS

  17. Screening for Pesticide Residues in Herbal Samples

  18. Screening for Pesticide Residues in Sugar blocker Tea & Determination of Antioxidant Capacity in Health Supplements

  19. A Mini Preliminary Study on the Forced Degradation of Methyl Salicylate

  20. The Quantification of 17 Amino Acids in Four Sacha Inchi Samples using LC-Triple Quad-MS

  21. The Quantification of Vitamin E forms: α-Tocopherol, γ- Tocopherol and δ-Tocopherol in Two Capsule Samples using HPLC-DAD

  22. Determination of Modafinil by using Reversed Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

  23. A Feasibility Study of the Quantification of Five Chemical Markers of a Chrysanthemum Extract

  24. Quantification of Carbohydrates and Short Chain Fatty Acids in Kombucha

Safety & Efficacy


  1. Evaluation of Anti-Microbial Property, Enzymatic Property and Shelf Life Stability for Natural Product from Fruit Waste

  2. Virucidal Activity Test for Two Surface Disinfectants

  3. Quality and Safety Evaluation of a Herbal Cream

  4. Accelerated and Real-time Stability Studies of a TCM Product

  5. Study of Accelerated Product Stability of a TCM Product

  6. QC Evaluation of TCM Global Products

  7. Chemical Analysis of a Health Supplement Drink to Ascertain its Quality and Safety

  8. Stability and Shelf Life Study of Two Herbal Supplements

  9. Preliminary Feasibility Study of Herbal Ingredients for Sunscreen Product Development

  10. Microbial composition and viability study for probiotic drinks

Product Formulation


  1. Development and Sensory Evaluation of a Herbal Product Formulation

  2. Consultancy Services for a TCM Product Registration of in Hong Kong

  3. Consultancy on Manufacturing Operations & Establishment of Quality Management System & Audit Process

  4. Consultancy on GDPMDS Documentation System

  5. Research and Development of Functional Drinks with Anti-Aging Effect on Sarcopenia

  6. Expansion of Product Range by Developing New Formulations for Overseas Markets

  7. Development of Existing Product by Enhancing the Manufacturing Method